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How to Build a Calendar That’s Truly Your Own

A custom calendar with a picture of two girls walking through a sand castle | Motif

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How often have you captured a beautiful photo, freezing an important moment in time…and then let that image get lost in your digital photo storage?

Life’s best moments deserve to be honored and relived. A custom calendar is a special way to make that happen—it’s a functional piece of art you use every day. When you make your own calendar, you commemorate some of your favorite moments and create a valuable planning tool that will be your BFF throughout the year.

Here are a few ways building a calendar can bring your photos to life for the year to come.

Make your own calendar for…

The pet lover

Your pets are your fur babies. Use the calendar as your standard planner or dedicate it to them and their care. Mark down vet appointments, grooming schedules, dog park play dates, and more. Honor a birthday (or adoption day!) with a calendar page that commemorates each year you’ve spent together—from puppyhood until now. Feature them in their cutest Halloween costume on your October page and playing in the snow for the first time on your January page. The options are endless, but the smiles are guaranteed every time you walk by.

The grandparent

No one loves your kids more than you do except, perhaps, their grandparents. Their walls and refrigerator are already plastered with artwork and photos from your kids—add to the display by creating a custom calendar that tells the story of their special relationship with their grandchildren. Include your children’s baby photos in their birth month, and make sure to incorporate images that feature your children with their grandparents. Write in those important dates, such as grandparents’ day at school, birthdays, and important anniversaries, such as the first time they met their new grandchild.

The family

Any parent would agree: time with their children flies by too quickly. What better way to plan for the year ahead than by looking back at the years that have already passed? Customize your calendar to highlight the most special memories of each month. Consider including a then-and-now collage in your child’s birthday month, showing side-by-sides of when they were born and now, or even a birthday photo from every year through now. Feature their first Valentine’s Day with images of flowers and candy hearts included in the montage to help theme the page. Commemorate family-specific holidays, like your annual camping trip, yearly family reunion, or June getaway. When you make your own calendar, you can truly make it your own. What better way is there to record all of their dance classes, recitals, soccer games, parent-teacher conferences, and thousands of to-do’s and exciting moments to come?

The travel enthusiast

Many of our best trips are called once-in-a-lifetime experiences for a reason, but even if you travel to a beautiful destination just once, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to remember it every day. Make a calendar that showcases your adventures. Dedicate each page to a different expedition, devote the year to a single vacation, or use the entire calendar to document one day of a specific trip. The option is yours.

Whatever the occasion you are looking to celebrate, Motif can help you build a calendar for that moment in just minutes. From within your Photos on MacOS, Motif will evaluate each image to ensure those with the best quality and orientation are included.

Make your memories your own, but share them with those who most appreciate them. A Motif custom calendar is the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for every occasion.