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Why the Motif Calendar Maker Will Have You Hooked


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You’ve been collecting photos year-round to create the perfect custom calendar to give as a holiday gift. Photo storytellers have lots of choices for calendar makers, but the Motif calendar maker offers several advantages over the competition, and once you try it, you’ll be hooked. 

Easy to use with a small learning curve

If you’re already using the Apple Photos app on your iPhone or Mac, you know how to use the Motif calendar maker. Motif is a seamless extension of the native Photos app, so you’ll make your calendar employing the same app you’re already using to edit your Photos.

The Photos app offers several built-in organization features that make it simple to create a chronological calendar. All your photos are automatically organized by year and location drawn from EXIF data, but Photos also uses image recognition to group photos of specific people, subjects, etc. These built-in organizational features are a great springboard to creating your own individual albums, making it easy to tell the story of your year in a calendar.

Organize your calendar with the power of Photos

Express yourself with streamlined themes

Motif’s carefully curated and streamlined themes empower you to be the storyteller. You can use the calendar maker’s innovative autoflow mode to choose an initial selection of high-quality photos and then edit as you like. It’s easy to switch between layouts and watch your design grid magically respond.

Personalize your calendar with thoughtful details

With the Motif calendar maker, you’re not limited to a boilerplate calendar. You can customize as many dates as you like with custom notes and photos, making it easy to honor Grandma on her birthday or countdown to the last day of school. Motif’s user interface automatically zooms in when you begin typing in a text box, so you won’t be squinting at tiny type.

Create a calendar customized to your culture and needs


When you start building your calendar, you’ll be asked whether your calendar is for the current year or the upcoming. If it’s for next year, Motif will start your calendar in January; if it’s for the current year, it will start with the next month. But you can always override this to choose the starting month of your choice—for example, if you’re making a school-year calendar.

You can also modify the language, first day of the week, and holiday selection so the calendar is appropriate for your recipient. (The initial calendar build will be based on your macOS settings.)

Give a thoughtful, high-quality custom photo gift

Motif combines the best of both worlds—the ability to offer a personal touch but still have a professional, high-quality presentation. Your finished product will be on luxury paper and have a silky-smooth finish. Motif calendars are 13 x 10 inches (33 x 25 cm) landscape size and include a durable silver Wire-O twin loop binding.

Inspired to make your own Motif calendar? Check out these ideas for specialized calendar themes for every gift recipient.

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