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How to Design a Photo Book for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

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You’ve thought of the perfect gift for that special mother in your life: a custom photo book! Great idea! Now to get started… Creating a photo book for Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative and relive wonderful memories. Here are a few of our favorite ways to design a photo book she’ll treasure for years to come.

Start by choosing the perfect photos

A carefully curated collection of images is the cornerstone of a great photo book. There are so many memories it’s sometimes hard to choose! We can help with that part.

When you start designing your photo book for Mother’s Day, you’ll have the option to build it manually or use our auto flow feature. If you’d like a little assistance choosing which photos to include, use auto flow. Our advanced technology will carefully analyze each image and select those with the best composition, focus, lighting, color balance, and more. It will even remove duplicates for you—but don’t worry, you can easily access and swap them out later in the building process if you like.

If there are specific photos you’d like to include, the manual approach may be best for you. We do have a few tips to keep in mind as you select those less-specific photos. Consider how many images you’ll need for your book. For example, if you know you want to spend a certain dollar amount, you’ll want to cap your book at a specific page count to stay within budget.

To maintain white space on your pages while also giving visual interest, we recommend using blended layouts. You might do the left page with a full-page photo and use a three-photo layout on the right. The next two-page spread could include four photos on the left side paired with a two-photo layout on the right. You’ll notice we keep the photo count low—that’s by design. Take an average of three photos per page times your target page count and that’s approximately the number of photos you should pre-select to include in your book.

Look for images that have eye-catching shadows, highlights, and contrast, and watch for focus, eliminating any photos that look blurry. You can always zoom in on an image to give emphasis to a focal point, but correcting blur or lighting are a bit trickier. Have a photo you’d like to use but it isn’t quite right? Check out our photo editing tips to see if it might be a contender for inclusion through some easy fixes.

Customize the colors, themes, and touches

Motif has a variety of professionally designed themes—pick one she’s sure to love. Consider her favorite colors and personal style. If she’s a romantic, try a layout full of pinks and pastels. If she has classic tastes, she might like one of our black and white themes that play with bold patterns. Consider your fonts and look for ones that compliment your choice of theme.

Choose from one of Motif's professionally designed themes to complement your Mother's Day photo book.
Choose from one of Motif’s professionally designed themes to complement your Mother’s Day photo book.

From your color to your theme, patterns, and fonts, every inch of your book should suit the recipient’s preferences and personality.

Make sure to personalize your photo book for Mother’s Day

The best part of making your own photo book for Mother’s Day is that you can make it all your own. Choosing the perfect photos and incorporating her favorite colors and stylings is a great start, but to really take it to the next level, personalize those wonderful memories, too.

Motif has built-in text tools that make sharing your anecdotes easy, so add those stories and moments in family history that will have everyone laughing and maybe even shedding a tear. It’s these personal touches that will make your book extra special!

If this is your first time using Motif, check out our step-by-step guide for more tips on how to create the perfect photo book for every occasion.

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