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The Story of Us: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

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There’s you, there’s your special someone, and together, there’s “us.” Your relationship with the person you love has an identity all of its own, encompassing a combination of your personality traits, the way their humor makes you snort with laughter, the way your gentleness makes them calm. 

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the story of how you transformed from two separate, independent people into a magical duo. Create a photo book of your shared experiences that you can look back on whenever you want to marvel at your relationship–or perhaps to remind yourself of happier times when you find yourself supremely frustrated with your Prince Charming for forgetting to lock the front door…again. 

Your “Story Of Us” keepsake is the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for the one that you love. Instead of going for jewelry or candy, consider making a gift that represents the time that you’ve spent together and the depth of your devotion. 

Designing a Valentine’s Day Surprise

When designing this type of Valentine’s gift, it’s important to consider just how you want to present your treasured memories. A sentimental photo book is a great way to bring together your “Story of Us” in an easy-to-access format. There’s still a lot of planning that has to go into your surprise gift, however; since you’re trying to include parts of your entire story together, you’ll need to spend time collecting just the right photos to bring it to life.

A sentimental photo book can be a beautiful representation of your story together | Motif

Memorialize Your “When We Met” Story

One crucial component for your Valentine’s Day surprise is something that will evoke where the two of you first met. 

If you have pictures from that day, include those in your book. If not, bring that day to life in other ways, such as with ticket stubs of your first date or even the logo from that coffee shop where you first discovered her love of lattes. You may also want to check if you have any pictures of the area where you met from back then and take some new shots to show how the place has changed. Maybe even stage a scene so you’ll have pictures to show exactly where the magic happened. If there was a funny story or specific item involved with your meeting, try to incorporate that into your photos. It’s the beginning of your story, so make sure it’s presented well.

Celebrating Your First Date

Whether it was a hit or a bust, the details of your first date are an important part of the story of your love. 

Was it a magical romantic evening? Be sure to include that. Was it a disaster that all but precluded a second date? That needs to go in, too. Consider whether your first date was romantic, awkward, silly, awful or anything else, then try to bring that feeling to life in your Valentine’s day photo book. Let the tone of the evening help you decide how it should be represented.

Photos of your first date will make your gift extra sweet | Motif

Anniversaries and More

If you’ve been together for a while, you’ll have memories associated with various anniversaries, holidays and other special days during your time together. 

Try to incorporate as many of these moments into your gift as possible. The best thing about a Valentine’s Day surprise like this that you can bring to life all of those little details that might have gotten fuzzy or were largely forgotten over the years.

Dating, Engagement and Marriage

Whether you’re married or haven’t quite taken the plunge yet, these aspects of your relationship definitely need to be included in your book. 

Wedding photos, pictures from the engagement and even candid shots from various dates should be a part of the story you tell. Some of these moments are significant and should be highlighted as such, but there are a lot of little moments that deserve attention too. A life together isn’t just made up of the big moments, so be sure and include smaller aspects of your relationship.

A photo book of your “Story of Us” is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift | Motif

Blending the Old and the New

Since you’re looking back on your life together, your Valentine’s Day photo book should include photos from various events in your life. 

Be sure to include some new pictures too, though, sharing thoughtful shots that your partner has never seen before. This will help add some surprises to the story you’re telling, and also offers you the chance to get creative with your gift. Make them smile, make them laugh or make them swoon. These photos will showcase just how much you love them.

Capturing Your “Story of Us”

When it comes time to capture your story and get your Valentine’s Day surprise ready, consider ordering a Motif photo book. Not only will you have control over exactly how the book looks, but the Motif app makes design and ordering easy. A lot of decisions go into making the perfect photo book, so at least this initial decision can be an easy one.

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