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What to Do When Stuck at Home

Young Boy sticking his drawing on home window during the Covid-19 crisis

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In this installment of Stay at Home Ideas While Quarantined, we’ll explore a few “how to’s” to help you pass the time. It’s always good to have a few lockdown activities should you find yourself reaching for the remote.

Father and son planting at home

Plant something. Spring is upon us. Plants are beginning to blossom. It’s the perfect time to do a little planting of your own. Here’s a few tips on getting in on the season. 

  1. Determine what you’d like to grow and where you’re able to grow it. If you have a yard, then you might have more options available. If you live in an apartment or don’t have access to a community garden, you still have the ability to get in on the fun. Available light and space are key to growing certain plants.
  2. If you have a yard, choose a place that will afford the right amount of light and proper soil for your plant to grow. Depending on the grazing animals nearby, you might have to look into fencing to protect your plants. If you’re growing something indoors, choose a sturdy pot/planter your pets can’t easily knock over or nibble on. 
  3. Most home and garden centers carry wide varieties of things to grow. It’s also possible to grow things from your common table scraps. If produce isn’t your thing, try planting something that blooms like flowers. Planters of all sizes can be purchased to fit the space you have available. A bag of potting soil will create an environment for your plantings to flourish. And of course, water as recommended. 
  4. Once your crop is planted, take pictures at regular intervals. Done correctly, you’ll end up with an amazing time-lapse of the growth of your plant. The collection of photos can be used to make a quick flip-book. 
  5. Finally, enjoy the visual or edible fruits of your labor. 
donating clothes

Organize and practice some Feng Shui. There might be no better exercise to do at this moment than making the space you’re living in a better one. Quarantine is hard enough on us already. Improve the space you’re living in. Change its energy.

  1. Take a look at a few books on the subject. Marie Kondo and Karen Kingston are two experts in the field. 
  2. Start small and work with a closet, then work your way out. 
  3. Begin by removing items from the closet. Ask yourself if you’ve worn or used the item recently. If not, it could be time to donate or sell. Fashion may be cyclical, but closet space is nice as well. 
  4. Also, ask yourself how an item makes you feel. If you love something and it makes you happy, keep it. Chances are you’ll feel the same wearing or using the item. The opposite is true as well. 
  5. Move items in the room according to Feng Shui principles to improve its space and how you feel while in it. 
  6. By all means, take this process in steps. It may take time, but you will notice a change in yourself and your home.
  7. Document the change by taking photos. Before and after photos really illustrate the changes you made. 
Make a photo book

Relive and capture a special moment. Make a photo book. A lot of travel plans have been put on indefinite hold. The experiences of those will have to wait. When wondering what to do when stuck at home, think back to that last great adventure you took. The photos still exist. The names of places and the things you saw, still fairly fresh in your memory. Make a photo book and relive that special moment.

  1. Identify the trip, event, or special moment you want to relive.
  2. Download the Motif app to either your Mac desktop from the Mac App Store or to your iPhone/iPad from the App Store.
  3. From your mac desktop or laptop, open Photos. Select the memory or folder you want to make a book of. From the File menu go to Create. Then select Book and then Motif. Choose the size of book you want to create. Then choose the theme you’d like. The app then imports those photos into your book. Add text most everywhere. 
  4. From your iPhone or iPad, open the Motif app. From the home page tap New and then the type and size of book you want to make. Then tap which Memory or Album your photos you wish to include in your book. Select the Theme which best fits your story. Motif automatically flows your images into the book. Add whatever text you prefer to just about anywhere. 
  5. Edit your book alone if creating a personalized gift. Or, create it with those who were there. Relive the moment while making this bespoke keepsake you’ll be able to experience again and again.      
paper towel mask

Make your own mask. They’re not exactly the easiest thing to find these days. Many consider this safety item a bit of a unicorn. However, using common household items, you can make your own PPE with this lockdown activity. 

  1. You will need a two-ply paper towel, two rubber bands, and a stapler.
  2. First, lay the paper towel flat and then begin to fold in 1 inch increments back and forth lengthwise accordion style.
  3. Once folded, lay the rubber band over one end of the folded towel. Fold the end of your accordioned paper towel over itself to cover the rubber band. 
  4. Staple that fold to secure the rubber band to that side of your mask. Repeat on the other side. 
Making up over skype

Make up with someone. If there’s someone in your past who you left on bad terms, now is a great time to make amends. Reaching out to your friends and family is easy. Yet, you might find great reward in repairing a damaged relationship. You might even find some relief or sense of a weight being lifted. Carrying resentment towards someone else over time wears at you whether you believe it or not.    

  1. Decide which relationship you’d like to start with. 
  2. Think about what actually created this riff for a while.
  3. Ask yourself if it’s still something you feel strongly about. Often, time lets you see things with a better perspective. 
  4. Look at whatever you disagreed about from the other person’s perspective. It may provide you with a good, “I understand how you might be feeling,” moment that goes far in making peace. 
  5. Have the conversation in person or over the phone if possible. Texts and emails can easily be misinterpreted without the inflection and tone of actual conversation. You might reach out via text or email with a “do you have a moment to talk?” 
  6. Talk about how you feel, but also be a good listener. 
  7. Be willing to compromise.
  8. Move forward with a mutual understanding and a renewed friendship. Life is too short to hold grudges. 

After trying these lockdown activities yourself, think of a subject you may have some expertise in. Consider sharing that skill or knowledge with others. Even though we may not hold a degree in education, we’re all teachers to some extent. Stay curious. Stay safe.   

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