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What Photo Experts Are Saying About Motif’s New iOS App

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In case you missed the exciting news, Motif is now available on-the-go with a new iOS app! That’s right, you can now create stunning photo projects right from your phone or iPad. The new app brings all the things you love about Motif (think intelligent autoflow, stunning layouts and themes, easy editing…the list goes on) straight to your mobile technology. Photo experts have been busy trying it out—both the original and iOS app—since it launched.

You can learn more about the app here, or even dive in and get started by downloading it to your device now, but don’t take our word for just how amazing it is. Hear it from the experts! Here’s some of what the pros have to say about the Motif mobile app:

“I used many images from the 80’s and up, and even my oldest ones turned out way better than I expected, bright and not grainy at all!!” – Motif user 

“Motif produced a beautiful item. Their interface let me select, arrange, and edit my photos easily and provided choices about layout. The photo album I produced for my children will be with them for decades, and it looks great.” – Motif user

“It’s easy to make high-quality photo books, cards, calendars, framed prints, and more right within Photos for macOS Mojave. Third-party project extensions offer an expanded selection of services from partners like Motif, Mimeo, and WhiteWall, letting you create a unique gift for someone special or for yourself.” “MacOS – Print Products.” Apple, www.apple.com/macos/print-products. – Mac Sources

“The editor has lots of nice themes and loads of layouts to choose from. It reminds me more of an app as opposed to a desktop editor, it is so user friendly and straightforward.” – The Photo Book Guru 

“Our hardback photo book took four business days to arrive, and came in a sturdy package. The book itself was inserted into a card sleeve and wrapped in plastic, so straight out of the box it’s ideal for gifting. Inside, print quality is sharp throughout – even in cases of small smartphone images pushed larger than they would normally be – with good color rendition.” – Digitalcameraworld.com 

Have you yet tried the app? We’d love to hear what you think! Leave us a review or send us your thoughts at https://www.motifphotos.com/en-us/contact-us.

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