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We Love You, Dad: Father Photography Tips to Capture His Charm

A father baking with his daughter and son | Motif

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When Father’s Day or his birthday are right around the corner, you might be thinking about ways to celebrate the date with a photo card that shows you noticed those special moments. The rest of the year, sometimes all the effort of being #1 Dad is appreciated but not captured while the kids are getting all the photo attention. Thinking a bit about those heartwarming memories might help you have your finger on the shutter button when you have a chance to capture Dad’s charm.

Those teaching moments: Father photography with the kids

Sometimes you get to hear how he’s working out a new idea with the kids—whether discovering peaches with an infant, playing in the sprinkler with a toddler, or figuring out mortgage rates with your twenty-something. Keep all the traditional tricks of candid photography in mind to get the image without distracting father and child from the moments that matter.

  • Shoot in burst mode to get multiple opportunities to see a fast-moving expression
  • Turn off your flash, and hold your camera lower on your body (literally, shoot from the hip)
  • Stay far away, using a zoom lens or setting your camera angle wider to make up for not aiming carefully

It’s worth the effort of playing with your camera settings a little, to hold onto those precious memories of the real relationship while children are growing. Making a Father’s Day card using Motif, with the kids helping design it, will make even more great memories.

The man, the dad: Father photography in daily life

As well as those tender interactions between children and their father, it’s nice to be able to recognize Dad’s own joys as a person outside of fatherhood. As diapers make way for new teeth, first days of school, and senior proms, the things he loves to do on his own become more a part of the way his kids think about him. Pictures of his favorite hobby or in the midst of a moment of joy are wonderful ways for kids to make a Father’s Day card or memory book that show all his dimensions. Snap the shot of a lifetime when he’s:

  • Cheering on his favorite football team, in the stands on a crisp fall day
  • Lounging in a hammock with a long-awaited book
  • Playing an all-out game of catch with the dog
  • Laughing with his closest friends at a barbeque
A custom “Happy Father’s Day” card by Motif | Motif

Think again about ways to get the photo without him noticing and starting to pose. Get a taste of his real charm when he’s watching what he’s doing and not the camera.

  • Shoot from outside his field of vision: slightly behind and to the side
  • Look between other people to find a focus on his face in a crowd
  • Plan around the light: see if you can get the light falling on his face, avoiding shadows or a washed-out sun glare.

Fast snaps like this don’t always leave you time to adjust every variable in the photo, which is where the editing features in Motif can help you realize exactly the lighting, contrast, or angle you hoped for.

The love you have together: Fathers and spouses in love

A custom card is an amazing chance to surprise him with a candid photo, or give him a memento of a favorite photo of a time with the love of his life. Get a special photo of your dad with mom as they prepare to be grandparents, or make your honey smile with an image of your love together.

Throughout the year, you might try to get a “couple’s” pose at every event: birthday, vacation, holiday, or special anniversary. Those milestones during the whole year are always special, but some will stand out in your memory for years to come.

In addition, don’t forget the daily tiny things that weave your love together. A hot cup of coffee in the morning with the hands that made it for you, can rekindle warm memories for years. Use the custom card creation features in Motif to make these images real and memorable, for Father’s Day or any other day to celebrate the dads in your life.

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