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Unique Graduation Photoshoot Ideas You’ll Want to Use

Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony Tassel Black

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The past school year has been a different and challenging one indeed. Seniors around the world are about to graduate and graduation photo ideas are on everyone’s mind. It’s an event that happens just a few times in a student’s lifetime, so capturing it is oh so important. 

Should you be the sort of person with vision, think long-term about graduation photos. You have the ability to chronicle your child’s school days from beginning to end. Imagine creating a photo book for your child or relative filled with graduation photos spanning pre-school to grad-school. All it takes is a little patience and some graduation photo ideas.  This article should help you with the latter. 

Cool Graduation Photo Ideas

Composite image of young nurse in blue tunic

Sometimes the coolest graduation photo display ideas are the simplest. Take for example the image above if you’re looking for nursing graduation photo ideas. It’s an idea that lets the graduate dress in their prospective career choice in front of something so undeniably educational. Add whatever info you want in chalk, then smile and snap away. 

Pose your graduate in front of interesting architecture, sculpture, murals, or graffiti. There’s most likely a key feature to your school that identifies it immediately. Let your friends and family know where you graduated from or are going to next Fall with these graduation photo backdrop ideas.

High School Graduation Photo Ideas

Student in Mortarboard Graduation Hat, Young Woman Learning Mathematics and Creative Art, University or High School Education

By the time your graduate walks across the stage they probably know where their college careers are heading. Get an action photo of your graduate waving the flag of the college they’ll be attending next Fall. Letter jackets are great indicators of achievements earned at their high school. Set up a shot with the high school mascot to show some school spirit. Gather their best friends for a group shot if they’ll be attending different schools come next year. 

Graduation Photo Ideas For Guys

Portrait of a smiling university student on graduation day with classmates in the background

If your young man is walking across the stage this year, it might be a great opportunity to dress him up in a suit and tie. It’s a momentous occasion that can also signal their transition into adulthood. The suit wearing graduate takes center stage and will stand out just about anywhere you pose them.

Graduation Photo Ideas For Girls

If your young lady is looking for graduation photo ideas, you may want to consider graduation photo booth ideas.  A simple studio can be adapted to match the graduates favorite colors, even school colors. Props can be added to show where she’s going to college next Fall. Graduation photo ideas with balloons are uplifting and can be branded fairly easily for the moment. Graduation photo board ideas are excellent options as well. Hand-held chalk or dry erase boards let her write exactly what she wants to say in her graduation photo. 

Graduation Cap and Gown Photo Ideas

We've finally graduated!Graduates near university are throwing up hats in the air.

The tossing of the caps at graduation is the epitome of school completion. Well, for one school period at least. For a cool variation of the cap toss, have your grad toss it toward you. Put on some protective eyewear and also set your phone’s camera to burst mode. That will save you some time trying to capture the perfect toss. 

Also, if your kid’s the creative type, they’ve probably customized their cap and gown to show all in attendance. Capturing their creativity will set them apart from the crowd.  

Kindergarten Graduation Photo Ideas

Boy graduating from preschool holds up his diploma

Graduation isn’t just for the big kids! In fact, kindergarten and preschool graduation photo ideas are great places to start chronicling your child’s school years. At this age, there’s a pretty good chance you have a chalk set somewhere around the house. Sketch a graduation message on the sidewalk or driveway and snap pics of your young graduate next to it. 

Nothing says kindergarten or preschool graduation like construction paper mortar board hats and diplomas. If you have a trampoline or an able-bodied parent, capture them and their hats mid air.  Funny graduation photo ideas are pretty easy anytime you pair giggling kids with costumes.   

Graduation Photos Taken. Then What? 

It would be rather inconsiderate to give you all these graduation photo ideas and not suggest what to do with them. Well, the solution is way easier than actually shooting them. Motif is a free app that lets you print your favorite photos in graduation photo books, calendars, cards, and canvases. You could make graduation photo cards faster than it takes to read this paragraph. Motif is so easy to use, you won’t have to get your kids to help.  

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