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Tips for Party Pictures of The Big Game

Watching the game with roommates.

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The big game is just around the corner! If you have an epic party planned, you’ll no doubt want to capture plenty of photos to remember it by. While there’s no knowing which team will win, the party is sure to be loads of fun, as is the game when you watch it with close friends. Here are a few tips to capture great party pictures all evening long.

Before everyone arrives, get some pre-game pictures

Yes, the fun happens when everyone arrives, but your party pictures are incomplete if you don’t grab some shots of all your amazing prep work, too. If you have decorations, take a few artful pictures that capture the space as well as the up-close details, the snack spread, and the bar.

Game Day Food

You put so much work into prepping for your party and creating the atmosphere—it’s important to remember it. While you may not use the picture of your amazing buffalo dip as a full page in your party photo book, that image could make an amazing backdrop with a lightened opacity for other pictures.

Watch your focus when taking candid party pictures

Some of our favorite photos are candid shots where everyone is being themselves and unaware of the camera capturing the moment. However, taking great candid pictures isn’t as simple as pointing and clicking. Make sure you take an extra second to align that little focus box in your lens around a person or group.

Celebrating the win with friends.

While you’ll also pick up the background participants, decorations, and whatnot in the photo, giving focus to someone or something improves your overall photo composition and, importantly, clarity.

Get a few posed shots, too

While many of your party pictures will involve people watching (and hopefully cheering) during the big game, take a moment during commercials to grab some posed shots, too. Whether it’s of cheers (take a moment to make that happen, by the way) before the game, pictures of your happy couple friends, or a group shot, you’ll love every one of those photos after the event wraps.

Posed photos mixed with candid photos add some interest to your eventual photo book or calendar by adding diversity to your photo spreads and acting almost like a texture. Not to mention that your friends will simply love seeing them after the night is over.

Watch your lighting

Nighttime photos are a bit trickier because quality images require a certain light to shutter speed ratio. Since night is, by nature, dark, in an ideal world, the shutter speed needs to be slower to allow light in over more time. However, we all know the game changes in a split second and waiting causes blurry pictures and missed moments. That said, consider your party’s lighting before you take the pictures. Make sure there are plenty of overhead lights on so your pictures are clear, crisp, and have proper exposure.

Also, take a moment to strategically position yourself during the game so you can capture the action. Opt for a spot that puts light at your back, rather than at your front. For example, when you pick up your camera, are you going to be pointing it at the TV, picking up people in front of it? If so, reposition yourself so the light from the TV doesn’t darken the actual subjects of your photo.

Be on the ready at all times

Game action happens quickly. So do the perfect photo moments. While you’ll undoubtedly want to catch the game, make sure that you’re also ready to grab those perfect shots. Keep your camera close at all times and have your settings ready to go so you can capture that perfect moment when it happens.

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