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Thrill Everyone on Your List with These Memorable Holiday Card Ideas

Mom reading Christmas card to daughter at home

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The holiday season is here. That means decorating the house and shopping for gifts and planning the meals and scheduling your travel and going to the local festivities and budgeting the office party and—shoot!—do the kids have choir practice today? It’s one part hustle, two parts bustle, and in the swirling chaos we can sometimes cut corners to save time and energy.

Unfortunately, one place many of us cut said corners is with the holiday card. We run to the store, snag a package of cards sporting a generic holiday well-wish, and call it a day. While it’s the thought that counts, this approach doesn’t make your friends and family feel as connected to your holiday celebrations as creating a custom card.

Need some help coming up with a memorable holiday card idea that will thrill everyone on your list? Here are six to get you started.

1. Capture the beauty of winter

Every place has its own winter aura. For some places it’s the snow capped mountains standing watch throughout the season. For others, it’s crisp, cool mornings down at the docks. It can be the comings and goings of migrant species, and even deserts have their winter annuals that change the landscape with carpets of color.

Go out and capture that winter landscape to discover what winter means for your community. Then share that beauty with your friends and family.

True, your slice of the world may not be the classic snow-covered evergreen forest, but that’s okay. Your card will be even more memorable because if it’s yours.

2. Gather the family together

Nothing speaks to the holidays more than family, so gather everyone for a memorable holiday photo shoot. You can stage the classic holiday family portrait with everyone smiling and wearing their Sunday best. These can be taken inside, outside, or someplace that holds special meaning for you.

But classic is not a synonym for mandatory. Feel free to get innovative with your family photos. You can create a collage of family moments throughout the year. Go historical and include photos from holidays past. Or maybe a fun shot of everyone rockin’ in their holiday sweaters. The only requirement is showing what family means to you.

3. Reminisce on your holiday vacation

If you took a holiday trip last year, you probably snapped a lot of pictures. Grandpa playing with the kids. The family enjoying the local culture. Some action shots of friends hitting the slopes.

These photos are a joy to reminisce over, and that’s exactly why they are perfect for a memorable holiday card. No matter the distance, receiving these treasured memories in the mail is like gathering around the photo book together again.

4. Pets for holiday cheer

Your furry family member was born to be on a card. You know it; we know it. It’s photogenic, it’s cute, and there’s something about it that lifts everyone’s spirits. So why not make your pet the star of this year’s holiday card?

Consider your dog running wildly through the snow. Your cats, their bellies up before a roaring fire. Or even a Guinea pig surrounded by its holiday haul of nuts, veggies, and fruits.

Word to the wise: Make sure your pet is comfortable with whatever photo you are trying to take. It will make for the best result. Trust us.

5. Show them someplace new

Your family and friends may live far away—different cities, different states, different countries. This year, use your holiday card to bring them closer to you.

The halls (and walls) of local architecture will be decked in colorful lights and decorations. Find the iconic building that represents your hometown and capture its unique holiday visage. Or look toward street photography. There are holiday festivals with carolers and horseback rides, downtown streets lit up in reds and greens, and school events with kiddos dressed up.

Whatever you do around town to celebrate the holidays, try to capture those moments and share them with the friends and family members who aren’t able to partake with you.

6. Present that special part of you

We all have those hobbies and endeavors that make us, well, us. Discover a way to incorporate those qualities into your holiday card to make it both memorable and personal.

Are you an amateur sommelier? Consider a holiday tablescape neatly decorated with your favorite festive wines. A hiker? Include selfies from your favorite outdoor ventures this year. A cook can include an image of themselves baking holiday pies with a message wishing that everyone could be here. Even a hobby like cosplaying lends itself to some creative pairings of image and message.

Save time with a custom card

As we mentioned, the chaos of the holiday season can make finding the time to create a custom card daunting. But with Motif, you don’t have to worry.

Our institutive user tools allow you to make a custom card in minutes. You can crop, rotate, and adjust photos on the fly. Our professional layouts mean you don’t have to spend time wondering how to fit your cards, and our Autoflow system can even help you decide on the best shots.

With these holiday card ideas, you can create a custom card your family and friends will cherish in the time it takes for a store run.

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