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Things to do in Quarantine


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Unless you’re looking for stay at home activities while in quarantine, it’s far too easy to let season 1 of that show you’re watching turn into season 2 all in one evening. If you’re beginning to say what the lawyer who represents a Mexican drug cartel says before she says it, pick up your remote. Press pause, turn off your tv, and consider a few of these activities to do in quarantine. 

1) Do a puzzle. The bigger they are, the longer you’ll find yourself spellbound at the challenge. While you and yours are working on it, take overhead shots spanning the process to create an amazing time-lapse or flip book. 

Family band in quarantine

2) Were you in a band? Wanna be in a band? If your neighbors don’t mind, dig out that guitar or trombone you used to play and practice. If you never played before, there’s no better time to find online resources to learn. If you live in a remote area, dust off your old drum kit. Become the next great quarantine blues musician with this stay at home activity. 

3) Read a book. Reading has an amazing way to activate the storyteller within you. As you read along, sentence after sentence, notice your mind’s ability to subconsciously paint the picture of what you’re reading. It’s important we engage in stories of more than 280 characters or a few paragraphs long. Pick up an old favorite you haven’t read in years. Try something that’s been made or into a movie to see how the director’s interpretation varies from yours. Or, just pick up something new and let your mind take you wherever the story goes. 

4) Make a book. With an easy-to-use photo book app, anyone can. Think about that memorable vacation or special event you probably have numerous photos of. Taking those images and creating a book is easier than you might think. Add your own descriptions of the event to capture all the important details. Enjoy reliving that moment while you create it. You’ll have it to experience it all over again whenever you like.

5) Talk to each other. Yes, talk to each other. It may seem like a strange thing to suggest, but you might find no better exercise to understand each other. If you’re not sure where to begin, there are many suggested topics online to help get the conversation started. Get to know each other by asking questions. Practice being a good listener. You might be surprised to find how enjoyable good conversation can be. 

6) Create cards to mail to friends and family. If your cousin’s birthday is around the corner or it’s the anniversary of the trip you took with your best friend, make them a custom photo card. They’re easy to make. They’re a great way to brighten the recipient’s day. They’re also a great way to support our postal workers.  

Dancing family in quarantine

7) Dance. Of all the things to do in quarantine, this can be the most challenging. However, it can also produce the greatest results. For some, dancing like nobody’s watching is the hard part. In your home dance studio, you’re free to show your moves to just a few onlookers. Get some exercise while doing it. Take turns choosing the music. Online tutorials can also help with specific steps you’d like to learn. 

8) Make a calendar in May. Custom calendar apps like Motif’s make it easy to create well beyond or before the first of the year. Populate it full of your own special dates and feature your own imagery. It’s a functional piece of art you probably use nearly every day. 

9) Cook a restaurant favorite. You know what dishes you’re missing from your favorite restaurants. Look that recipe up online and see how close you can come to reproducing it. Chances are you might surprise yourself. Bon appetit!  

10) Tune up your gear. At some point we’ll all be able to safely get out and enjoy our favorite hobbies. If they involve special equipment, now is the perfect time to make sure it’s in proper working order. Clean, adjust, and if needed, replace worn parts so they’re ready. 

The key to stay at home activities is to do something active. Watching tv is all too often passive. Challenge yourself to participate in more engaging activities. They may take up the same amount of time, but the rewards from these things to do in quarantine may far outweigh what you’ll find on tv. Months or even years from now, we might look back at how we spent our time in quarantine as a transformative one. Potentially a renaissance of learning. A time wherein we learned more about ourselves, our family, our friends, and our planet. 

Learn something every day. Grow every day.

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