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The Best Photo Tips from Influencer Livi Harris

Influencer Livi Harris Shares Her Best Photo Tips

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Social media influencers: they’re just like us. They have cute kids and pets; so do we. They enjoy a pretty chai latte and an avocado toast; we do, too. Just as we do, they go on adventurous vacations, have fun shopping for that charming throw pillow or new pair of shoes, and enjoy the glory of the setting sun or moonlight on the ocean. If we have so much in common, though, why are their Instagram feeds so much more glorious than what we’re ‘gramming? We asked Instagram creator Livi Harris of @XOLivi for her best photo tips so that we could learn how to take our own #Instagood photographs like the best of them.

Instagram’s Livi Harris Shares Her Best Photo Tips

Great photography skills are pretty much a job requirement when you’re a lifestyle influencer. In addition to her IG presence, Livi Harris is the creator behind the blog XOLivi.com and the host of the YouTube channel Livi Harris TV. Her best photo tips, decor tips, beauty and fashion advice, shopping finds and crafting ideas all testify to her keen aesthetic, which is why on social media, sharing only the best photographs will suffice.

Here are a few of her secrets for capturing your own moments, beautifully.

1. Behind Every Great Photo Are Dozens of Not-Great Photos

If you’ve shared a photo of your breakfast on Instagram and wondered why it didn’t get hundreds of likes, the next time, try shooting that egg sandwich from multiple angles. The key to #instayum photography is taking multiple photographs, offering you many more options to choose from, Livi said. It’s always “a huge effort just to get that one good photo,” she added.

“My advice is to take many, many, many shots from ALL the angles. I take about 10-20 photos for a single photo that I imagine in my mind,” Livi elaborated. “It’s always easier to plan than it is to execute.” 

Influencer Advice for Getting the Best Photos

2. Lighting Advice

Between flashes and filters, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to photography lighting. Ironically, Livi prefers photographing using nothing more than Mother Nature’s rays. “I usually like natural lighting as it yields the most natural-looking result,” she explained. “Indirect lighting proves this as well. If it’s direct lighting, it can be too harsh.”

Do you need to way for a bright and sunny day to capture a great photo? On the contrary, clouds are your friends. Livi prefers the softer light of a pale sky. “I live in Washington, so most of the time besides the summertime, it is cloudy and overcast. This is super easy to edit to make it seem more sunny or warmer,” she explained.

3. A Photographer’s Best Friends

Taking lots of photos and shooting during overcast weather are simple (and free!) ways anyone can improve their photography game, but what about if you’re interested in a little extra assistance to create exactly the look you’re hoping to achieve? If you’re truly serious about photography, you might consider getting trained in professional tools that will allow you to correct photos after they’re taken to achieve exactly the right look you’re seeking. Livi is a big fan of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to enhance the look of her photography. 

“These two are amazing and can create the most beautiful photos!” she said. “Sometimes the lighting can be perfect on one side of the picture, yet it is too bright or too dark on the other side. My trick is to do layering!

4. Save Your Favorite Photos in a Photo Album

So you’ve done the hard work to up your photography game; now what? Be sure to capture those beautiful images in an album so you can enjoy those moments long after they’ve passed. Livi has been creating photo books using Motif Photos to savor her most meaningful memories. Her favorite photos have been family Christmas snapshots: “We definitely have made a beautiful keepsake of Christmas photos,” she explained of her most recent Motif collaboration.

It’s important not only to photograph important moments in your life, but also to take a moment to reflect on those memories.

“I love capturing moments and creating photo albums whether it is online in my social media platforms, blog, or a physical photo album. I love looking back at sweet memories of my family and friends!” Livi said.

As the expression goes, a picture can say a thousand words; it also has the power to “make us go back in time and relive that moment,” Livi added.

Livi Harris Saves Her Best Memories with Motif

Create a Motif Photo Book of Your Best Photos

Has this influencer’s best photo tips inspired you to up your game? Once you’ve got photos that you’re proud of and remind you of life’s best moments, it’s easy to transform these images into a beautiful, tangible photo book using Motif’s platform for your Mac desktop or iPhone.

Simply download the Motif app and get started. Choose an album from your Photos app or memories and let the advanced autoflow technology import the best photos–and skip the ones where the lighting isn’t perfect and avoid duplicates. You can also edit photos right in the Motif app; no Photoshop required! 

Then the fun begins: choose a theme and a layout you’ll love. When you’re happy with the way you’ve edited and arranged your photos, order your masterpiece and a beautifully bound, exquisitely printed book will soon be waiting for you in your mailbox! Your best photographs deserve, well…the best!

Livi Harris Creates a Photo Book Using Motif

Bring your photo memories to life with Motif.

Experience the joy of creating personalized photo projects with Motif. Our photo book app seamlessly works with Apple Photos in macOS and iOS, doing the heavy-lifting while leaving the creative freedom to you.

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