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Photo to Book: How to Design a Photo Book on Your Phone with Ease

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Great news: Motif is officially available for iOS! We’ve been planning this for some time, and we’re so excited to share that you can now make high-quality photo books and photo projects right on your phone! This is great news, as many of us have the tendency to take lots and lots of photos on our phones. This new phone app of the Motif platform makes moving your pictures out of the digital world super easy and fun! Here’s what you should know about the app, including how to get started!

You can create projects with your fingertip

With the app, you don’t need a mouse or touchpad or any other type of external driver to bring your photos to life: all you need is your iPhone and your fingertip! The app makes it easy, starting with selecting your product type. We’ll get to the “how” shortly—for now, just celebrate that it’s this easy!

It has all your favorite desktop app perks

Motif is loaded with great features, not least of which is the option to have your photos analyzed and selected for you through Motif’s intelligent technology. This key feature (and oh so many more) have carried over from the desktop app to the phone app. Other favorites include selecting your theme—and previewing it with your actual photos, auto flowing your photos through professionally designed layouts, easily updating those layouts and the selected photos, and the ability to go from idea to completed book in just five minutes if you so choose.

There are a few differences from the desktop version you may notice. For example, while the desktop version prompts you to set your budget, number of photos per page, and total page count at the beginning, the phone app skips this part and goes straight from selecting your theme to autoflowing your photos. However, you can easily modify the page count and layouts just like in the desktop app to customize your book or project to fit your vision and budget. The same capabilities are there—they just work a bit differently

The editing tools are like magic

One of our users’ favorite parts of Motif is the in-app photo editing ability. Motif features a robust set of editing tools to enhance lighting, add effects, crop, reposition, and more. These tools have carried over to the phone app to make perfecting your photos from right in the app a breeze (no extra steps).

We love the new Motif phone app and know you will too! Here’s a quick overview to get you started on your first phone app photo project:

1. Open the app.

When you open the app, you’ll see any projects you’ve already started on your phone, along with three little icons. To start something new, click “New” on the upper right side of the screen.

2. Select your project type.

From within the app, you can choose to design a photo book with a hard or soft cover (more project options are coming soon!). As is the case with the desktop app, you can choose from a variety of book sizes.

3. Choose your image source.

Since you’re creating your photo book from the phone app, you can choose directly from your phone’s images using either the memories or an album. Simply click the desired image source with your fingertip, and Motif will automatically evaluate the images in that source to select for you. You’ll see a preview of the selected shots, much in the same way you see your chosen photos from the Photos app on your phone (the little blue checkmark circles). From this screen, deselect or opt for additional or alternate photos to include. Once you’re happy with the inclusions, simply click “Next.”

4. Choose your theme.

Just like the desktop Motif app, the phone version lets you preview your actual photos in a variety of themes. Click on the one you like best to move forward (you can always change your theme later if you change your mind).

5. Personalize your photo book.

Motif will automatically place your selected photos into professionally designed layouts that optimize your photos and album as a whole. You’ll see a preview of each album page and editing tray at the bottom of the screen so that you can customize every detail of your album if you like.

  • “Style” allows you to apply colors and patterns to various pages with just two finger taps.
  • “Layouts” allows you to easily switch the layout for a given page, including the number of photos and their placements.
  • “Arrange” brings you to a screen where you can rearrange your page order, remove spreads, or even copy layouts to add additional photos.
  • “Options” makes it easy to change your book type, book size, theme, and other settings at any time.

6. Check out.

When you’re ready, just tap “Check out” from the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If it’s your first time using Motif, you’ll need to create an account. Complete the checkout page, and you’re done! Sit back, relax, and wait for your photo book to reach your doorstep.

If you have the desktop app, you already know how easy it is to design a photo book that’s perfectly you. If this is your first time using Motif, we’re so excited for you to try it out! Find inspiration or share your completed project and reaction with us using #mymotif on Instagram!

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