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Photo Gift Ideas for Parents’ Day

Photo gift ideas for Parents' Day

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The role of parent can be performed by many different people. In some families, parents are a child’s biological grandparents. In others, it is an adoptive family, and still others it can be a biological parent and a family friend.

Parents’ Day commemorates the commitments all parents make to their children and recognizes their efforts. Celebrated every fourth Sunday in July, it’s the perfect time to say “thank you” to the parents in your life, whomever they may be.

While there’s no wrong way to show appreciation of love, we think photo gifts offer a way that’s truly one of a kind.

Say it with a custom card!

Breakfast in bed with a custom card

Breakfast in bed is a traditional and meaningful way to show gratitude for a parent’s daily acts of love. Present the meal when they usually wake up, and allow them to stay in bed and soak up some relaxation, too.

To make this breakfast extra special, include a custom card on the tray. The card can be a collage of portraits or designed as a commemorative collectable. Alternatively, you can create a card that doubles as the breakfast menu.

Don’t currently live with your parents? No worries. Swing by their place with the ingredients for a surprise meal or invite them out to brunch. Then present the card to them alongside a round of mimosas.

Instructions for a day out

Plan a whole day of activities and places to visit, and create a card to serve as your parents’ itinerary. The schedule can be straightforward or you can create a scavenger-hunt list of clues and riddles to follow.

Either way, the day should end at a location—such as a park, museum, or restaurant—that’s special to your family. Spend some time with your parents there and just enjoy being with each other.

We recommend creating a card for the day, not simply sending an email. Because Motif uses only high-quality paper and lasting ink, the card will be as a keepsake of this time together and will stay bright and vibrant for years to come.

A simple “Thank you”

Gifts and meals are nice, but nothing is more meaningful than a true, heartfelt thank you. Craft a card for just that purpose.

What image or images you choose will depend on your bond. The card can display classic family photos, moments from the past year, or that wacky selfie you know they forgot they took.

Then include a simple message of thanks. It doesn’t have to be long or a masterwork of poetry. The words just have to be honest and yours.

Say it with a distinctive calendar!

A family photo calendar

If your parents prefer more utility in their gifts, a family photo calendar is the way to go. People are extra busy these days, parents more so than most. A calendar can help them schedule work, remind them of special days, and make it easier to stay on track.

Sure, any calendar can do this, but a custom calendar lets them see the faces of loved ones and reminisce about the good times with every glance. There’s no better way to add a boost of positive productivity to a parent’s day, every day of the year.

How to inspire your parents’ year

How you customize the calendar will depend on your parents. Parents with young children will love pictures of family activities adorning each season. Use photos from your weekend getaways for summer months and snow day activities for winter.

Retired parents may enjoy pictures recollecting past projects and travels. Parents living abroad will appreciate one featuring the ins-and-outs of your daily life to make them feel closer to you.

With Motif, you can even add pictures and text to individual days. This gives birthdays, holidays, and noteworthy family events some extra celebratory zest. Have plenty of photos at hand? Try our 24-month calendar option to inspire productivity into the next year and beyond.

Say it with a gorgeous photo book!

An expressive photo book

Photo books are more than a great way to recognize your parents this Parents’ Day. They allow you to recognize an entire lifetime of love and support.

Potential themes for your parents’ photo books are endless. It could be your family history or your parents’ hobbies. It could focus on fond family memories and holidays. Or it could center on your parents’ courtship and wedding.

In the end, the photo book you create for your parents should be as diverse and distinctive as they are.

What photos should you choose?

The photos you choose will depend on your chosen theme. Family vacation photos should be fun and funny, while chronicles of your parents’ lives will want to include emotions ranging from happy, humorous, bittersweet, wistful, and awe-inspiring—the only consistent rule is to use the best.

Need help choosing? Motif’s auto flow technology curates photos for you. It scans images to look for the best qualities, such as focus, clarity, image orientation, and even smiling faces. Only the top shots will make the cut, and auto flow will even arrange the images with attractive, professional layouts.

What style of photo book should you go with?

Much like your photos, the style you go with will depend on your theme. Photo books focusing on family milestones like weddings, births, and graduations may want to stick to standard layouts with classy color schemes. To give this theme a sense of history, you could try a black-and-white photo book.

On the other hand, photo books themed around family vacations and daily musings align with more spirited color schemes. You can also break the traditional layout model by including fun angles and collages that present your precious memories with a stream-of-consciousness flow.

We should also consider the size and cover type. A small, square photo book can encapsulate a single image’s essence, while a large landscape book offers space to explore many photo combinations. A softcover is great for collecting a series of books on a shelf, but that handsome dust jacket makes a hardcover the perfect choice for display on a coffee table.

When considering internal theme and external style, the key will be to match your parent’s personality with how they plan to use the book.

Recognizing your family bond

Parents appreciate any gift their children give them. That’s because a gift shows you thought of them, cherish your time together, and recognize the value of your relationship. It doesn’t matter how you’re related or how they came into your life. All that matters is that love.

But there’s something extra special about a photo gift. It adds a visual element that triggers our memories in ways a shaving set or new scarf can’t. They show us how that love has grown. Most importantly, they can be made to be as unique as your precious family.

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