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Motif celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Celebration AAPI

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CELEBRATE DIVERSITY! For over 40 years, May has been designated to celebrate the contributions and culture of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. At Motif, we feel diversity is the spice of life and wholeheartedly support the cause. You might wonder, “how can I participate?” Here’s a list of activities:

  1. Read books together – This is especially important with young children by exposing them to different perspectives.
  2. Have a watch party –  TV and movies can bring AAPI culture to life for children. Tweens might enjoy PBS’s 5-episode opus Asian Americans, currently streaming for free.
  3. Visit a museum, in person or virtually – Museums are a great way for people of all ages to experience AAPI culture and history. Many museums have developed virtual access, so experiencing the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) in Manhattan’s Chinatown, for example, is possible even if you live elsewhere. 
  4. Grab a fork or some chopsticks – Experience another culture via its cuisine. Try cooking or ordering foods known to AAPI culture. There are plenty of online recipes to sample.  
  5. Say hello to someone who doesn’t look like you – It’s amazing what a little kindness can lead to. A new friend, possibly. Or, a better understanding of the world around you. 
Happy Asian American + Pacific Islander Month

Try one or all to better understand and appreciate the importance of our Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Embrace and celebrate our diversity during AAPI Heritage Month. 

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