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Make a Mother’s Day Photo Album

A Mother’s Day photo album next to flowers | Motif

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Mothers are fabulous people. That statement will surprise nobody, but it’s one we could say more often. Most mothers we know hold down jobs, take care of their families, volunteer in the community, and somehow find the time to enjoy a hobby.

Then once a year, we try to show our mothers how much we love and admire them on Mother’s Day. That’s a surprisingly tall order. How does one show an appreciation for a lifetime of loving memories with a gift-wrapped trinket and dinner at a restaurant?

A better choice may be to make a Mother’s Day photo album.

Discover your photo book’s theme

It can be tempting to take a file of photos, arrange them in some layouts, and call it a day. The resulting photo book will be nice and appreciated, but there’s something extra special about taking the time to develop a cohesive motif.

A theme is a main idea, feature, or message that ties a composition together. Discovering yours can take a nice Mother’s Day photo album and make it exceptional.

What theme you choose will depend on whom you’re creating the book for. A new mother will laugh at the trials and joys of baby’s first year. A mother of grade schoolers will adore reliving those family getaways. An empty-nester may want to reminisce on those chaotic, yet halcyon days when the kids lived at home.

The theme can be something other than motherhood, too. No doubt the mother in your life has varied interests, and those may prove incredibly photogenic.

If she’s an amateur nature photographer, a collection displaying her best shots can help you both connect over the hobby. If she’s a league bowler, chronicle her path to the championship. Or consider highlighting her career accomplishments alongside her life accomplishments. Crazy how she managed to be so successful at both, right?

Editing a Mother’s Day photo album with a focus on nature | Motif

In the end, the best photo book won’t simply say that you love her; it’ll say you love her for her.

Find the right pictures

Finding the right pictures can be a challenge. The digital photo age means hard drives bursting with photos in need of organization. One day soon. Pinky promise!

Choosing a theme beforehand helps here. It allows you to sift through a file of photos quickly, as your eye will be drawn to the images that fit. After an initial pass, see what you have. You may discover you have too many or too few based on your initial theme. If so, go back and adjust.

The Motif extension has several tools to assist you here. The Autoflow option will curate your photos for you. Using advanced algorithms, the feature looks for superior shots based on a host of criteria. These include focus, clarity, orientation, and smiling faces. It even removes duplicates, so you don’t have to pre-curate.

The app sports retouching tools, too, allowing you to turn less-than-stellar photos into beautiful images. Imagine you have a photo that perfectly captures your mother’s smile and spirit. But there’s a lot of background clutter. And your mother is off center. And the colors are washed out. And that’s either your finger or an alien blob in the upper left-hand corner.

With our photo book app, you can give this image a professional makeover. Crop out the clutter, zoom in on your mother’s radiant smile, and touch up the colors to be bright and vibrant. Or select a filter that adds an artistic flair.

Post-process editing can prevent an imperfect photo from ruining a perfect image.

Editing a picture of a mother and daughter eating ice cream | Motif

Look for analog photos, too

Think outside the box, erm, laptop and consider digitizing analog photos.

Head to the attic and peruse the old photo albums. Look for pictures of family history, high school gatherings, and milestone events. This tip is especially handy if your mother fondly recalls the days of 24-hour photo huts or fanning herself with a Polaroid.

Putting physical photos in a Mother’s Day photo album | Motif

Want to think further outside the box? Try something other than photos. Scan or take pictures of the children’s art and arrange those in a photo collection. Don’t forget to sign and date the pieces and have the kiddos write up a small explanation of their inspiration.

Again, this tip doesn’t have to center specifically on motherhood. If your mother is a painter, a collection of her work can show how much you appreciate and admire her craft.

Design your photo book

Your mother famously loved anything you gave her for Mother’s Day. Ours did too, but let’s be honest. That macaroni mosaic really pushed the limits on what qualifies as a “giraffe.”

It’s the thought that counts, but we’ve got a couple of design tips to help bring your photo book game from serviceable to professional.

  • Let your theme and selected images guide you. If it’s childhood, go chronological. But you may be able to group photos based on geography, season, and so on.
  • Choose a background that speaks to the theme. If there’s a strong color that dominates the photos, pick a background that complements it. Alternatively, you can choose a background that speaks to the image’s emotional quality.
Changing the background of a Mother’s Day photo album | Motif
  • Vary your layouts. Alter the sizes, shapes, and number of photos per page. Motif has several professional layout options to choose and gather inspiration from.
  • Select a lead image that grabs attention and sets the tone.
  • Some photos require text; others speak for themselves. It’s up to you if you want to include it and where. Options include an inspiring quote at the beginning, describing the photos, or even whole letters to let your mom know how special she is.

If you select Motif’s Autoflow option, the app will also arrange the photos using professional layouts. Perfect for the photo book neophyte and the busy photo book connoisseur!

Cherished memories and more to come

Mothers give years of love, happiness, and security to their children. What better way to show your love and appreciation for those cherished memories than by displaying them in a collection that will last for years! A Mother’s Day photo album offers just such an opportunity, and it will allow her (and you) to rekindle those memories for years to come.

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