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Looking for the Best Photo Editing App? Here’s One That Can Even Create Photo Projects

Editing photos with Motif

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Our photos represent our most treasured memories, and we love it when they look as amazing as the moments they capture. But the process of editing those photos is, well, less loved.

There’s experimenting with editing apps, learning how to use the tools, sifting through our files to find photos worth editing, sprucing up those photos, and transferring them to your photo-project app of choice while hoping they sync with the project’s style.

Since we’re all about thinning those to-do lists, Motif has simplified the process by collecting the features of the best photo editing apps and including them in our photo projects app. And we’ve added a few extra tools, too!

Edit your photos like a pro

Motif’s editing tools are the same you’d expect with any quality photo editing app. The only thing you’ll miss is a separate login screen.

After adding an image to your photo project, simply click on it to bring up the image control palette. From here, you can:

  • Zoom in or out to put the focus where you want
  • Grab the image to shift it in frame
  • Rotate it add dynamism or to straighten it out
  • Crop the image to remove distracting background details
  • Compare it to similar images before swapping it out on the fly

Motif’s editing tools allow you to clean up the image, too. You can up the saturation to make those sunset clouds pop or adjust the light to prevent your selfies from being washed out. Then enlarge, shrink, or change the photo’s shape to fit it perfectly on the page.

Motif’s intuitive tools mean you won’t have to navigate complex menus to make the changes you want. It’ll feel like second nature.

Our unique approach

Autoflow with Motif

Motif’s Autoflow system doubles as a one-of-a-kind editing tool. This intelligent technology analyzes your photos to find the best ones, using criteria such as focus, orientation, color, and even smiling faces. Based your desired theme and page count, Autoflow creates a professional-grade photo book with those photos.

It’s a handy tool for anyone short on time, but Autoflow doubles as a time-saving curator. Rather than spend your day exploring hundreds of photos, let Autoflow hand select your superior shots in minutes. It will even remove duplicates, so you can spend your time creating instead of prepping.

And because Motif works natively within your macOS, you won’t need to shuffle your photos from folder to folder, system to system. Just keep them in iPhotos, and Autoflow will be able to consider any photo you’ve taken.

Create your photo projects in the same app

Change your page's background

One problem with even the best photo editing apps is that you can spend a lot of time crafting the perfect version of your photo. In the editing app! But when you move that image into your photo project, you realize the changes don’t fit the project’s overall style.

So, you go back to the editing app, modify the photo, test it again, go back to the editing app…. The cycle can grow tiresome with one tricky photo, and the more you must deal with, the more you’ll feel your enthusiasm draining away.

By combing pro editing tools with a photo project app, Motif cuts down the time you’ll spend shuffling between different apps.

You can instantly test your favorite photos against Motif’s selection of themes to determine if they’d look best against a backdrop of playful pastels, romantic hues, geometric shapes, or classic black-and-whites.

You can swap out themes and images on the fly to find the perfect combination. The theme editor even lets you adjust the backdrop colors to your liking.

And thanks to Motif’s professional layout selection, you won’t need foresight while in your editing app to land on the perfect photo measurements. Simply start with a promising layout and then experiment to discover the perfect size for each photo you want to include on the page.

One of the best photo editing apps

With Motif, you can edit your photos to match any photo book project. You can create a traditional photo album. Design a family recipe book. Fashion a summer activity book for your grandchild. Looking beyond photo books, you can make a family calendar to help you navigate another memorable year or cards to celebrate graduations, holidays, and much-appreciated thank yous.

The project possibilities are boundless!

And thanks to Motif’s new iOS app, you can now manage projects and edit photos wherever you are on your iPhone and iPad. Don’t spend your time trying to juggle multiple apps and interfaces to find the perfect photo project combination. Motif offers the best of both worlds in one.

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