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It’s Official: The Motif iOS App Is Here!

The New Motif iOS App is Here

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Today, Motif officially releases its iOS app to offer convenient, best-quality photo book services on iPhone and iPad devices.

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Last year, Apple shuttered its photo-printing service. The move left Mac users in a lurch, as they had grown accustomed to creating photo books directly within the Photos software. In response Motif, Apple’s printing partner for over a decade, launched a third-party extension on macOS

Integrating seamlessly with Photos, the extension offers Mac users a convenient way to create the same professional photo books they’ve loved since iPhoto launched in 2002.

And now, they can enjoy it on the go!

Motif in your pocket

With Motif iOS, iPhone and iPad users can craft photo books with features identical to the macOS extension. The new app includes Motif’s premier Autoflow system, which curates your photos for the best shots and arranges them in handsome layouts. All in a matter of seconds.

iOS users can design lovely photo books from scratch, too. The app sports a variety of backgrounds to make photos pop, colors for panache, and themes for that professional touch. 

Users can write or dictate text and take advantage of Motif’s array of user-friendly editing tools.

Motif iOS features photo books at launch, but calendar and photo wall tile projects will be added in the near future, allowing users to share their precious memories in a variety of thoughtful formats.

Creation on the go

The Motif iOS app has all the tools of the macOS extension but with the added benefit of providing creative power on the go.

Maybe you’re waiting for a show to start. Maybe you don’t want to pack your MacBook on the weekend getaway, or you’ve got fifteen minutes on a rainy day. Wherever you are, if you’ve got some free time, you can begin work on your ideal photo book.

Simply open the Motif iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, and get creative! Then save your project for the next time inspiration strikes.

Create beautiful photo books on the go.

Want to try the Motif iOS app? It couldn’t be easier to start:

Declutter your digital memories

Motif’s smart technology makes creating photo books easier than ever. But when used on iOS, it can help you finally declutter and organize your photo collection.

Motif’s Autoflow system will scan your photos and populate a photo book with your very best images. It looks for features such as clarity, focus, orientation, and even smiling faces. This assesses your collection in mere seconds, saving you from scrolling through hundreds of photos.

Can’t decide which of the 50 photos of that beautiful sunset is the keeper? Autoflow also removes duplicates, so you’ll know which one you want to hold on to.

Perfect for that forever gift

You’ve just enjoyed the vacation of a lifetime with your best friend. You explored a whole new country, enjoyed quality meals, even better talks, and took a bunch of bestie selfies to capture the memories for later. On the flight home, your friend leans over and asks you to email her the trip photos.

Why not do one better? With the iOS app, you don’t have to transfer the photos to your MacBook. You can create the photo book before the plane even touches down. A few days later, your friend will receive a professional photo book that perfectly encapsulates the trip and your friendship.

How to get Motif’s iOS app

  1. Download Motif in the App Store.
  2. Let Motif guide you through your first project.

And that’s it! Two simple steps, and you’ll have an attractive photo book to showcase your memories forever.

To celebrate the release of Motif iOS, we’re offering you 15 percent off your first photo book. Simply order by 10/31/2019 and enter the code FIRSTPROJECT15 when checking out. With Motif, your best memories just got better.

Download Motif on the App Store
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