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How to Use Facial Recognition When Building Your Next Motif Photo Project

Facial recognition

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Your iPhone camera is powerful and easy to use, so it’s no wonder your photo collection can quickly become massive in a year’s time. The idea of culling through hundreds of photos for your next custom photo project can be overwhelming—especially if you only want photos of your kiddo with, say, one set of grandparents. Luckily for Motif users, iPhone facial recognition makes this process simple, allowing you to get to the fun part of storytelling faster.

A closer look at Photos facial recognition

A closer look at facial recognition

Whether you’re using Photos on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, the software scans your photos for faces immediately upon launch. To access your iPhone’s photographic facial recognition capabilities, open Photos and select Search. This will bring up a screen that sorts your photos by “moments,” “people,” “places,” “categories,” and “groups.” These are all useful when curating photos for a custom photo book or calendar, but the facial recognition available through the People section is particularly powerful.

You can name each person identified by this iPhone camera technology, and when you select a person, you’ll have quick access to all photos in which they’re pictured. These are even further broken down by place, date, season, and theme (yay for EXIF data and artificial intelligence!).

Find more tips for using Photos facial recognition.

Why iPhone facial recognition complements Motif

Facial recognition saves you hours of effort—suddenly, you need only sort through the photographs most relevant to your project. Before you begin your project in Motif (either the desktop or mobile app version), you’ll need to create an album for your chosen shots in Photos. Then, you can review the “presort” completed by facial recognition technology and add your favorites to your album.

Once your album has a decent selection of photos, it’s time to put the magic of Motif to work. Working on your Mac or iPhone, Motif’s innovative autoflow technology will create a solid first draft of your custom photo book or calendar, bringing in a high-quality selection of photos (and avoiding duplicates). This is a great time-saver—and allows you to skip to the most creative and fulfilling part of capturing your story in photos.

Photo project ideas using facial recognition

The power of Photos facial recognition can inspire new themes for your custom photo projects. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Use facial recognition to quickly sort through photos for a retrospective photo book featuring a new high school or college graduate.
  • Chronicle your relationship with your best friend using the group facial recognition feature. (Need some photo ideas? Try these ideas for friend selfies.)
  • Create a special photo calendar for the milestone anniversary of a favorite couple.

The possibilities are unlimited when you pair Motif with the power of Photos facial recognition!

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