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How To Take The Best Family Reunion Photographs

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It’s probably safe to say, recalling the last time your extended family gathered together for a family reunion is making you think a bit right now. Was it two years? Three years? Could it possibly be even longer? If one was planned in the past year, safety concerns had likely pushed it to a later date. 

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Family Reunion Ideas and Tips

The Best Family Photo Ideas

Turn Your Photos Into Personalized Family Reunion Gifts

Yet even in normal times, family reunions aren’t held as often as they should. They’re sometimes disguised in the form of birthday parties, weddings, and the usual holidays. The family is together but their focus isn’t directed at strengthening its bond. 

If you’re thinking of holding a good old fashion family reunion, please read on for some helpful ideas on themes, photography, and thoughtful gift ideas. Hopefully, they’ll make your next family reunion memorable. One that has everyone saying, “we have to do this way more often.”

Family Reunion Ideas and Tips

A multi-ethnic group of multiple generations are standing together for a family reunion. They are happily laughing and smiling while looking at the camera.

When considering family reunion ideas, going beyond the basics of time and place is essential. Sure, all your relatives in one place will be able to fill the time with catching up and the usual conversation. However, adding a theme, a special location, a host of games and considering a gift only ensure more family reunions in the future with excellent attendance. 

It should be noted, beyond the balloons, games, and presents, family reunions have a tendency of strengthening the family unit. A strong family bond can be more valuable than anything.  

Here’s a few family reunion ideas that may help you plan a successful one for your family:

What is a good theme for a family reunion?

  • Throw a dance party to show everyone’s skills on the dancefloor.
  • Have a cook-off to enjoy the best of the family cuisine.
  • Celebrate your heritage with native dress either current or from the past.
  • Make it a swap/give event where you bring something to exchange and something to donate to a charity. 

What games can everyone play?

  • Hold a talent show and entertain everyone.
  • Play ancestor trivia.
  • Play charades. 
  • Get out the volleyball, softball, football, basketball, or any other game set.
  • Bring a baby picture of everyone to pin up somewhere for a game of “Who’s who?”

Where should you host your family reunion?

  • There’s always home. 
  • If the budget allows, go somewhere with fun attractions you can experience together. 
  • Reserve a pavilion at a public park.
  • Rentals on Airbnb or Vrbo can sometimes house large groups to let your family experience other locations.
  • Reserve a bunch of campsites in advance at your favorite campground. 

Family Reunion Gift Ideas

  • Print a family cookbook if food is your theme.
  • Create a family photo album and include photos from the past as well as your family reunion photography. Make it a tradition and start telling your family’s story in pictures.
  • Make a monogrammed gift on a hoodie, bag, or towel. Do some asking around to see if your family has a crest to include. 

The Best Family Photo Ideas

Take generational family photos

Rear view of multi-generation family relaxing in row on retaining wall against clear sky

Once everyone is all in the same place, it’s time to start snapping pics. Family reunion photo ideas are good to have handy to capture all those people together. Understanding the various modes in your camera can increase the odds of you capturing better photos. 

For the most part, the obvious elements of family reunion photography is the similarities among family members. Posing generations together will often show traits shared at various ages. You get to see someone’s nose all over the place. Or a streak of a particular hair color across the group. 

To capture the “hierarchy” of the family, try gathering everyone around the most senior members seated with their brothers and sisters, then their families and so forth. Arrange the shot so one could easily explain the relations to a friend if asked to. The same could be achieved on a staircase if available. A trip to a local stadium, ampitheater, or even a hillside could help illustrate the family tree. 

Make a DIY photo booth

No need to rent a real one, just get creative. Hang some frames from a tree and keep a fun prop bin on hand. Then set up a phone on a tripod and snap away. These photo ideas seem to generate a lot of photography because it’s already set up and ready to go. Little to no assembly required.

Capture the candids

Photo of a multi-generation family having dinner outdoors in their back yard, while their little boy is celebrating his birthday

Besides the group shots that can become a bit choreographed if you’re not careful, be sure to snap plenty of candid photos. Include them in your family photograph ideas to truly capture the connections with each other. 

Hire a professional photographer

Unless your one yourself and don’t enjoy being in family reunion photography, hiring one isn’t a bad idea. This lets everyone enjoy the festivities and become excellent subjects for candid shots. Their skills in getting the most out of a camera and producing amazing photos can easily outweigh the cost. Enjoy your time with your family instead of worrying about properly photographing the event. 

Turn Your Photos Into Personalized Family Reunion Gifts

With all these family photo ideas to choose from, texting or emailing the photo results to your extended family seems like a misuse of quality photography. One of the best family photo gift ideas involves commemorating the moment in print. The Motif Photos app easily lets you do that. It magically transforms your best photos into high-quality photo books, calendars, cards, and now gallery-quality stretched canvas

It works exclusively with Apple Photos so all you need to do is download it to your Mac, iPad and iPhone. One second your family reunion photographs are in Photos, the next they’re neatly flowed into book format. Add all the text you want. Click “Checkout” when done and let us know how many copies you’d like printed. With over a century of experience in the printing industry, you can count on receiving a beautiful family heirloom. 

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