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Weekend Getaway Tips to Make Your Trip Last Forever

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Spring is right around the corner. You know what that means? You have all the great reasons to take a quick weekend getaway.

Take a trip to the coast and catch some rays on the beach. Build a sandcastle with your kids. Capture a gorgeous sunset. Summit a new mountain or finally take on that life-long goal to try downhill skiing. Be the person who books a trip to a random location just because it had a ticket sale. Any way you go, you’re sure to make some memories—and these weekend getaway tips will help you make those memories last forever:

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1. Plan at least one big moment for your quick weekend getaway

Whether you’re planning days ahead or months ahead, you’ll inevitably find a long list of ways to entertain yourself on your getaway. While there is something to be said about spontaneity, pre-book at least one big experience you don’t want to miss. Popular destinations and activities can sell out—especially over holiday weekends and peak times. By taking a few minutes to plan ahead, you ensure that you make it to at least one awesome activity by which you’ll remember the trip for life.

2. Keep a camera on you and charged at all times

Most of us keep our phones on us at all times but, on vacation—particularly an active one where water activities or physical outings may come into play—we can leave it behind…along with the opportunity to capture some of our best moments. If you’re afraid you’ll walk into the ocean with your phone in your swimsuit (ahem, men), then our next weekend getaway tip is to invest in a waterproof case or even pack a few plastic bags on the trip to store your phone in while on the beach.

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On the flip side, some of us take SO many photos on vacation that between our camera time and the constant search for Wi-Fi, we drain our batteries in record time. Spend a few dollars on a portable charger so you can recharge on the go.

3. But sometimes, put it away

If you spend every moment of your trip trying to capture the amazing scenery and happenings, you can miss out on actually living in the moment. Make a point to tuck that camera away, enjoy what’s happening in the here and now, and mentally bookmark how you feel at that exact time.

4. Set aside an hour after you get home to hot wash the trip

Instead of thinking of all the responsibilities and things you need to do in “real life” when you get home, take some time to recap your favorite moments with your travel companion.

Remember the great people watching on the boardwalk? The fireworks that unexpectedly went off during your late-night beach stroll? The adrenaline that surged through you after you made it to the top of that mountain? Relive those moments out loud.

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5. Give yourself a deadline to preserve the memories

The best way to keep memories vivid is to revisit them frequently. Motif can preserve your trip’s best memories with a few clicks, so you can relive them any time you want! Set a deadline for yourself to preserve your trip—and mark the calendar.

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If you haven’t yet used Motif, check out our first-time user guide that walks you through making your first photo book, step by step.

Your favorite memories will arrive at your door, beautifully preserved and ready to be revisited any time you choose.

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