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How to Make a Photo Book on Your iPad

Woman sits on her living room floor, making a photo book on iPad during commercial breaks.

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About 80 million Americans use an iPad. Some surrender their device to their young, relentless children. Others carry it around for reading, watching movies, or taking notes at work. What might surprise you is that the iPad is a must-have for photographers – casual picture-takers and professionals, alike. Yes, it can serve as a mobile camera. But if you haven’t used it to create and share photo projects, you’re missing out. The step-by-step instructions below show exactly how easy it is to make a photo book on an iPad.

Why Should I Make a Photo Book on iPad?

Most people will head to their desktop or laptop to make a photo book. And that works just fine. But if you’re tight on time or simply crave convenience, the iPad has a significant edge. Weighing no more than 1-1/2 pounds, the iPad is light enough to tote around. Throw it in your bag, and you have a mobile photo book creator wherever you go. Waiting at the doctor’s office or sitting through commercials? Pick up that iPad, and get to work. Stealing a few minutes here and there adds up faster than you think.  

5 Easy Steps to Create a Photo Book on Your iPad

1.   Choose a theme.

A good photo book tells a story. It should draw you in and lead you from one page to the next. A random mix of photos often fails to create this enthusiasm. To achieve that enthusiasm, it helps to narrow the focus. Commemorate Mom or celebrate a recent graduate. The theme can be anything. Just make sure you choose one and run with it.

Man’s finger flips through his digital photo album, preparing to make a photo book on iPad.

2.   Gather your photos.

Open the Apple Photos app on your iPad. If you don’t see everything, you may need to transfer photos from your iPhone to iPad. Activating iCloud is the simplest way to sync your memories. Keep in mind, using iCloud means all your photos and videos will cross over to the iPad. To transfer specific memories, use AirDrop or a USB-C cable. If you haven’t yet, take the time to organize your photos. Place the images for the photo book in one dedicated album. Remember, we’re trying to match the theme of your photo book.

3.   Download the Motif Photos app.

Motif is the best photo book maker for iPad because it pulls directly from your iOS collection. Motif is a native extension to Apple Photos. Once your photos are in the app, it’s quick-and-easy to make a photo book on the iPad. No uploading or exporting required. Also, Motif has an intuitive workflow. But don’t take our word for it. Visit the App Store and search “Motif.” Read all the Ratings and Reviews of firsthand experiences with the iOS photo book creator. When you’re done, tap the “Get” button to download Motif to your iPad.   

4.   Select your photo book style.

The style of your photo book is determined by the type of cover, the size, and the orientation. Hardcover books are often put on display, like a wedding album. Whereas, a softcover is ideal for smaller photo projects. From there, pick the perfect photo book size. This decision largely depends on how many photos you have and where you want to display your photo book. The final factor is orientation. If your collection includes mostly landscape photos, pick a photo book that measures longer than it is wide. Otherwise, consider a portrait-style or square book.

Father and daughter lying in a fort edit selfies to use in their photo book on iPad.

5.   Customize your design.

Customizations are what make this your project. And thanks to Motif, adding personal touches to your photo book on an iPad is easy. Motif offers a variety of elegant design themes to get you started. Add text easily to identify dates, locations, and/or people. Make note of where you were and who you were with during those special moments.

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