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How to Create Custom Engagement Announcements Using Motif

A custom engagement announcement with a couple on the Brooklyn Bridge | Motif

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Off-beat and fun, light and romantic, traditional and formal. Or maybe little of each.

These days, there are no rules for engagement announcements. It’s your special time! Pick the style and tone that best reflects your unique relationship.

With Motif, creating unique custom engagement announcements to celebrate a one-of-a-kind love is super-easy. And with the whirlwind of planning and to-do lists coming up soon, easy is good!

The better news: Motif is as sure a bet as your relationship. You can count on stunning print quality that makes your engagement card sing, just as your heart does when your beloved walks into the room.

1. Begin with a great engagement photo

A beautiful custom engagement announcement begins with a fantastic photo. Some couples prefer to put this in the hands of a pro. That’s definitely an easy way to make sure you get a great picture and print-quality file.

More and more professional photographers are willing to head out of the studio, so you should be able to find options other than a formal portrait. Think of a location that means something to you—a sunny beach, a country trail surrounded by brilliant foliage, a lake at sunset.

A couple holding each other in a sunflower field | Motif

Including pets adds a whimsical touch. Find a small chalkboard and let Fido make the announcement.

A friend with a good camera can help if the budget is an issue. Some couples find it easier to relax if they know the photographer, so you might even wind up with a better image. For optimal printing quality, make sure the camera is set to capture at a high resolution. You can find out more about that at our support page.

For the camera-shy, there are alternatives other than the classic portrait. Spell out a message in pebbles in the sand, vibrant chalk on a sidewalk, with Scrabble tiles or even on a theater marquee. Heart hands are another interesting possibility. So’s a silhouette photo.

2. The perfect layout for your engagement announcement

Motif’s intuitive interface and amazing variety of designs makes this part a breeze. The biggest challenge might be deciding from among the more than 80 professionally designed layouts—and that’s a good problem to have.

If you’ve already picked wedding colors, Motif’s intuitive interface lets you quickly customize any theme. You can also change the fonts, including weight and color, for any of the themes.

Customize the color of your engagement card in the Motif app | Motif

Placing photos is simple. If you use multiple images, you can automatically flow them in as you create the card. However, though, the best layouts usually have a primary picture.

3. An announcement that doubles as an engagement party invitation

The custom engagement announcement can multitask.

It’s perfectly fine to incorporate engagement party information or a save-the-date request for the wedding into your announcement card.

Just double-check the engagement card before you order to make sure you’ve included all the essentials: date, time, place, and phone number or email address for RSVPs.

Making an engagement announcement with Motif | Motif

An engagement is the beginning of an exciting time for any couple. With Motif, creating a beautiful announcement card with personal flair lets you celebrate that new beginning in your own inimitable style.

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