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How to Create a Pet “Brag Book”

A girl and her french bulldog looking at a custom pet brag book | Motif

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Your pets are part of your family and hold a piece of your heart. Give a shout out just to them with a pet brag book that shares their cutest moments and celebrates them in a special way.

With Motif, you can turn those thousands of photos you’ve snapped into a one-of-a-kind pet brag book in just moments.

Five things to include in your pet brag book

A brag book is essentially a small photo book you can bring with you on the go … you know, to brag as the opportunity presents itself. That said, it doesn’t need to be miles deep, but should succinctly capture your pet’s best moments. Here’s what you’ll want to cover:

1. The day you met them

Those first days are precious and you no doubt captured shot after shot of your new friend. Include those sweet moments with tiny paws and fluffy fur—after all, who can resist baby animals?

A guy holding his golden retriever in a field | Motif

2. Something funny they did

One of the best parts about having a pet is getting to delight in unique personalities. Share those quirks so other people can appreciate them through your eyes. Maybe it’s the look in their eyes when the mailman comes, or that trepidation they get every time someone blows in a bottle. That time you learned your new puppy had an unfound fear of Styrofoam. The first time they chased their tail or tried to pounce on a bug. Those magical moments are bound to make you smile and the story that accompanies the image in the brag book is sure to spread that smile to others.

A cat laying down on a table | Motif

3. Tricks or special skills

If your pet has a certain trick they’ve mastered or special skill, show it off! Balancing a treat on their sweet little nose, hopping like a bunny, or the airborne shot of them pouncing from across the room. That’s the stuff brag books are made for—pictures that ooze personality and cuteness.

A little girl playing with a black puppy on the couch | Motif

4. Sleeping

What’s more adorable than a sleeping animal? There’s just something about all that fur snuggled up in their favorite spot (and, sometimes, cuteness in where they’ve chosen to cozy up, too!). Maybe it’s them asleep on their back like a baby or enjoying a snooze in the sun. Perhaps they’ve made a nest out of your couch cushions. Regardless, those sweet little faces are just the best.

A baby sleeping with a small puppy | Motif

5. You

You are the most important person in your pet’s life and while it’s their brag book, you’re certainly a part of their story. Include a shot of you two playing a favorite game together, napping together, or even just taking a well-composed, beautifully-composed selfie.

A woman sitting with her golden retriever | Motif

Your pet is a precious part of your life. Celebrate them in a unique way with a pet brag book that captures their essence and flaunts their greatest moments in a way only photos can.

How to create your pet brag book with Motif

If you haven’t used Motif yet, check out this quick-start, step-by-step guide. If you’re ready to dive in, you just need the desktop app and your pictures loaded to your Photos in MacOs.

Once you open Photos, select an Album. Then, from the “File” menu, choose “create” and “Motif.” You can immediately jump in by choosing the basics for your brag book:

  • Choose from hardcover or softcover books in either a rectangle or modern square shape
  • Set your budget and book size by factoring the number of pages and number of images per page.
  • Select your book’s design theme from Motif’s professionally-designed options.

From there, you can choose whether you want to manually lay out your photos or have Motif do the magic for you—and this is where it gets fun.

Motif’s advanced technology evaluates every one of your images (from the album you selected at the start) and selects those with the best lighting, clarity, focus, and more. It then flows those top photos through your book, applying your theme for you along the way, and the whole process takes just seconds. For more information on how to customize your book or edit photos within your layouts, check out this get-started post.

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