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How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Photo Gift

An assortment of holiday cards and photo books | Motif Photos

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’Tis the season, and you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift. It has to be thoughtful… personal… one of a kind.

A holiday photo gift will fit the bill perfectly. There are many types of photo gifts, and no matter who it is on your list that you’re searching for, we have you covered.

Options for the perfect holiday photo gift

The holidays are full of joy and finding the best gift for everyone on your list should be exciting.

Just like every person is unique, every gift should be uniquely chosen. Photo gifts are an opportunity to give something personal—a treasure close to the recipient’s heart, customized to them and their special relationships with you.

As you consider the perfect photo for each person, let us help you with some ideas and guidelines!

1. Custom photo cards

A custom holiday photo card is a great way to send warm holiday wishes to loved ones near and far. It’s more personal than a pack of pre-printed, generic cards and allows you to write your own message.

Motif’s custom photo cards come in a variety of professionally designed templates, presenting the perfect surrounding for your one-of-a-kind photos. They also come printed with the highest-quality inks and papers so they’ll last far beyond the season, displayed on the fridge, the mantelpiece, or in a frame for years to come.

Sometimes, a custom holiday photo card by itself sends the perfect amount of holiday cheer, as is often the case to neighbors or acquaintances. In other situations, such as a class teacher or team coach, a card can make a beautiful accompaniment to a gift. It ensures the recipient knows who sent the gift and also adds a personal touch that lets them know they’re an important, valued member of your extended family.

Any gift is great, but a personalized greeting takes it to the next level.

2. Photo book gifts

A photo book is perhaps the most personal of all the holiday photo gifts. It shares a story you’ve crafted from start to finish—told through family photos from the year or images of a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The options are endless and every story—just like every recipient—is unique. A custom photo book is a great way to show your love to even the most challenging people to shop for.

Creating a custom photo book as a holiday gift may seem daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. Motif can help you create the perfect holiday book in just minutes, beginning by evaluating each of your potential inclusions and selecting those with the best lighting, clarity, focus, and more. If you need some inspiration, check out these #MyMotif creations, or read through these tips for creating a great book.

3. Gifted photo calendar

A personalized photo calendar is a great holiday photo gift that can help you relive the best memories of the past year throughout the year to come.

Reach out to parents on your child’s basketball team to curate the season’s most exciting moments—the shot that went in at the buzzer, the first time the team drenched their coach with the water container, the after-practice shenanigans. Use Motif to turn those memories into a custom gift that encapsulates the season and shows your gratitude for all they’ve done for your child.

Or celebrate those first days as a married couple by creating a calendar for your new spouse that pays tribute to your honeymoon trip. Let them relive the warm beaches in February, tour exotic caves in April,  and take in the amazing view from the mountain you climbed together in June.

You may honeymoon just once, but you can gift the nostalgia and memories throughout the year.

The options are endless and the story is yours to tell—and be enjoyed all year long.

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