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How Motif is Doing Its Part in Protecting the Earth

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Taking care of our planet is of the utmost importance. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got! 

Protecting the Earth takes work. Companies need to choose how much they’re willing to commit to eco-friendly practices. Some go the extra mile to be as Earth-friendly as possible. Others seem less interested in their environmental impact, especially if going excessively green cuts into their bottom line. 

Motif falls firmly into that first category. We do our part across the board to protect the planet whenever possible. As a part of this commitment, we want to share exactly why being an environmentally responsible company is so important to us. We’ll provide some of the ways in which we’re doing so.  

Protecting the Earth Is Important

This cannot be emphasized enough: Protecting our planet is essential for all who live here. 

Our environment is one of the most precious commodities we have, but we often take it for granted. This is especially true for companies that employ practices using non-recyclable material or operating energy-inefficient equipment. In many cases, the non-friendly approach isn’t even a conscious decision. Older equipment often isn’t replaced if it still functions and long-standing supply orders usually aren’t changed just because a more environmentally friendly option comes along. These are the bad habits that need to be broken if we’re going to reduce our impact on the planet.

Protecting the Earth and sustainability is a key driver of our company practices.

Using Energy-Efficient Hardware

Motif is committed to helping the environment through the adoption and use of energy-efficient technology for our business. 

Our deliberate use of specific technologies ensures that photo books and other materials created by customers use as little energy as possible, while still maintaining the highest quality standards. By reducing our energy consumption, our overall environmental impact is, in turn, reduced. It decreases the carbon footprint associated with creating that energy.

Our commitment to energy-efficient technology goes beyond the printers and other hardware used to create our products. Employing LED lighting in all our facilities was a simple way our company (including Motif) increased its energy efficiency. Each step toward reducing energy consumption is a step toward a greener tomorrow.

Earth-Friendly Printing

The use of energy-efficient technology isn’t the only part of the printing process that helps to protect the planet. 

Motif is also committed to using sustainable paper for its prints, photo books, and other products. This includes papers with high post-consumer content when possible and using energy-efficient oxidizers during the printing process. As a result, we are keeping more paper out of landfills and reducing emissions created during printing. When possible, we employ heat recovery technology to avoid wasting thermal energy produced by our printing processes. That heat helps dry printing inks and makes us more efficient in our operations.

As a result, our customers can enjoy greater peace of mind when buying our products. Our dedication to environmentally friendly printing lets our customers know they’re getting high-quality photo products with minimal environmental impact. Whether it’s a full photo book project or just a few prints from their Apple photo album, our environmentally-conscious customers can purchase our products with confidence.

Our customers can rest easy knowing that our environmentally friendly approach is central to everything we do.

Keeping It Green

Sustainable company practices are essential to keeping our planet healthy. This includes everything from recycling and employing paperless policies to reusing bubble wrap and returning wood pallets to vendors for re-use. 

At Motif, we pride ourselves on making environmentally conscious business decisions. Our goal is to constantly provide high-quality products while minimizing our environmental impact. This also includes reviewing those choices periodically to confirm that they’re still the best option available. This environmentally conscious approach guides us to do what’s best for the planet while also ensuring our customers get the exceptional products they expect.

At Motif, we believe that the sustainable company practices we implement today will have effects far into the future.

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