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Have a Father’s Day Photoshoot With These Photoshoot Ideas

Young dad and cute son washing hands in the bathroom

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If you asked most Dads what they’d like for Father’s Day, most would graciously respond with something like, “oh, I don’t need anything really.” However, it’s nice having a day wherein families pay tribute to all that dad does. You can’t put a price on a great gift. Yet you can make it a great one by saying something from the heart. Show and tell dad how much they’re appreciated with images and words. 

Crafty, thoughtful Father’s Day gifts shouldn’t test your taping and glueing skills. Instead, check out Motif photos to see how easy it is to pair your photography with really thoughtful words. A custom photo book, card, calendar, or even a canvas featuring your imagery is easier than you might think. 

If you’d like to surprise dad, it’s easy to find photos of him and then create a custom photo project. It’s also ok to have dad in on the project. These photos and gifts become a permanent part of your family story. 

Let’s talk more about some Father’s Day photoshoot ideas to begin that thoughtful gift for dad. 

Father’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Kids  

Happy toddler boy with hat, goggles and wings playing outside with his father in spring nature. Pilot and flying concept.

Kids literally grow up looking up to their fathers. It’s not just a height thing, they’re basically miniature versions of their parents. A perfect way to illustrate that Father’s Day photo idea is by raiding dad’s closet. Little feet in big shoes with shirts and pants draped over small shoulders make for great photos. Pair that with the text, “When I grow up I wanna be just like my dad.”   

If daddy has a little girl, photographing a tea party is a really cute girl Father’s Day photo idea. Turn a little fort made of bedsheets and furniture cushions in the living room or a tent in the backyard into a Father’s Day photo booth idea. Those little vignettes are perfect places to capture dad being a dad.  Whatever activities your family enjoys, focus on them to celebrate dad.  

Pretty daughters are painting the nails and combing the hair of their handsome young father

Father’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Teens and Older Kids

Elderly father with adult son and grandson relaxing in nature during hiking tour

As kids get older, they begin to share common interests and activities. This is a great opportunity to capture dads and their kids at play. It’s a great time to capture the nurturing element a father plays in their kid’s lives. If dad loves to fish, play golf, camp, dance, or basically anything with their kids, have a father son photo shoot or father daughter photo shoot. Capture the bond of a father and his child or children forever. That’s how traditions begin. 

Toddler Father’s Day Photoshoot Ideas 

Little baby with cubes with dad sign on wooden background

Just about any pose with daddy and his little princess or little man are sure to bring a smile to his face on Father’s Day. A simple toddler girl Father’s Day photo idea is creating crafty messages of love. So break out the crayons or markers and something to write on and let kids say it their way. Let the little ones pose holding their sign or note and snap away. It’s a Father’s Day photo idea that leans heavily on coloring kinda inside the lines and adorable faces. Or, dig through the building blocks and find the I, ❤️, D, A, D blocks for a great toddler boy Father’s Day photo idea. 

For the under 1 year olds, pose them with a simple chalkboard message or sidewalk art of, “Happy first Father’s Day Daddy.” Warm dad’s heart on his first Father’s Day.    

Make Your Gift with Photos

Once the harder part of creating Father’s Day photos is complete, making your gift is easy with the right help. By downloading Motif to your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, those photos are just a few minutes from amazing. You’ve got all you need to make dad a custom Father’s Day card, photo book, calendar, or canvas. Say exactly what’s in your heart with our text editing feature. The app does a lot of things that make customizing your gift easy.   

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