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Five Hacks for Designing Photo Books from Your iPhone


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If you’re looking for a way to organize photos so you can enjoy them, giving them purpose in a beautiful way, you may have considered whether to design photo books of your own. Photo books are a perfect way to showcase your most memorable moments, building them to tell a story and highlight your favorites in a customized way that’s easy to store—and easily accessed. However, if you’re like many of us, chances are, the bulk of your photos exist on your phone—rather than your computer. Great news: With Motif, you can create the custom photo book of your dreams right from you iPhone!

Download the app right from the app store and go from idea to completion within minutes. Make the most of Motif with these five hacks:

1. Go for the big screen

One of the great things about Motif is that you can use it with any Apple technology—computer, iPhone, or iPad. But within that, you can design photo books on the go straight from your mobile tech. If you have options, go for the device that has access to the images you want to use and has the biggest screen possible. A larger screen makes it easier to see your photos and options, like layouts; text; editing options and more.

Any screen will work, but the added space on a larger screen always helps.

2. Let Motif make it easier

Autoflow is a great feature that makes it possible to design photo books in just minutes—and love the results. Motif’s autoflow tool is more than a basic layout tool that simply places photos in layouts (though it does that, too). 

What makes Motif Autoflow different is that it uses intelligent design features and technology to evaluate your photos before it selects which to use and where to place each image. If you have several images that are slightly different but similar, Motif will consider things like lighting, clarity and composition to select the best option. It then flows the selected photos intelligently into beautiful, professionally designed themes and layouts to bring your photos to life in a beautiful way.

3. Keep it all in one place

Many people have started creating custom photo books in one of the many apps out there only to quickly abandon their project upon realizing they have to source photos from different locations and work in a variety of apps to get the results they want, between photo storage, editing, and layouts.

First, make sure to consolidate your photos into one storage spot. iCloud is usually easiest for Apple users, but there are options out there. When you start your Motif project, you’ll be able to select directly from the photo source, including a dedicated folder. This makes it easy to find the right photos in seconds.

Also, take advantage of built-in editing tools so you don’t have to bring photos in and out of the Motif app. From within the app, you can zoom, easily swap out photos, reposition, and even change things like lighting and filters.

4. Make fine edits with the pencil

Another great Motif perk is that it has built-in editing tools so you can customize your book. That said, while you can certainly click and drag with your fingertip, an Apple pencil can make it easier—particularly when working on a smaller screen, such as that on your iPhone. If you have access to an Apple pencil, give it a try!

5. Make it your own

With the Motif mobile app, you can design photo books you love in just moments. However, we know that a personal touch is key and many of our users find joy in personally enhancing their books before sending them to print. You can add that personal touch from within the app in several ways.

When you begin your book, you’ll get to choose from a variety of beautiful themes that help give your book cohesiveness through every page. You can switch your theme at any point in the design process if you decide to go a different route.

You’ll also have access to an array of fonts to perfectly pair the feel of your text with that of your overall book. You can, of course, change font sizes and colors as well.

We mentioned editing tools that help you to ensure a perfect fit in your photo book for each precious memory. Take a few minutes to explore the options in the app, or if you want to hit the ground running, learn more before you start designing with an overview.

The Motif mobile app is filled with great ways to design photo books that are all your own and truly unique. We can’t wait for you to explore. Find inspiration or share your experience and final project on #myMotif!

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