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Find Your 20 Glowing Moments of 2019

A photo from the year's most fun trip

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Look back before moving forward. Find your 20 Glowing Moments of 2019.

It’s 2020. Yet you’ve probably mistakenly written 2019 down a few times. Before you train yourself to be in “2020 mode,” take a look back at what happened in 2019.

Scroll through your photos. Scroll some more. Keep scrolling until you find the beginning of 2019. You might be surprised of all you experienced last year. All these amazing, glowing moments getting pushed farther and farther down in your photos folder. 

An accomplishment worth celebrating
An accomplishment worth celebrating

Motif’s “20 Glowing Moments” is your opportunity to find your very best photos of 2019.

Today, photos fill our smart-phones. We often take pictures at a faster rate than we breathe. No sooner is one special moment basking in the limelight of your feed, the next quickly appears and piles on top of the others. Special moments become lost in the sea of photos we take. 20 Glowing Moments is the perfect way to find your best moments of the past year and put them somewhere easy to find and share. An easy and permanent way to chronicle important events throughout your life.    

But don’t approach this exercise too rigidly by the numbers. You might actually find 21, 41 or even 61.

A photo of your favorite person
A photo of your favorite person

The exact number isn’t the most important part of the exercise. Looking back and capturing your very best images of that year is.

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