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How the Motif app works with iOS

Create photo projects on the go with the new Motif iOS Photo App.

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Our phones and iPads are filled with thousands of photos and videos that capture our memories and favorite experiences. Sure, we peruse those memories as often as we can, and once we take them, we might edit them using a filter or mobile editing app before officially saving or posting them online. But for many of our images, that’s the end of the line. Don’t our best moments deserve more? (Yes, the answer is yes!) 

Good news: Motif—the same app thousands of global users have fallen in love with for their iOS Photos—is here and ready to help! At long last, there’s a Motif iOS photo app you can actually create projects with!

Motif has been around for years, working behind the scenes with Apple to print your iOS photos. And in 2018, when Apple announced it would no longer print new orders, Motif became a standalone app that works seamlessly with Photos in iOS to give your images new life through print photo projects. 

iOS users worldwide have fallen in love with Motif, thanks to its quality prints and materials and technology that makes creating stunning, one-of-a-kind photo projects easy. But we realized that, while the desktop app was serving so many, we wanted to let users take Motif on the go— so we developed the Motif mobile app!

The mobile app offers the same amazing editing tools and project creation options so many have fallen in love with. You can crop, resize, modify photo layouts, and even add custom text. You can have Motif’s intelligent technology analyze potential photos, selecting the best to place in professionally designed layouts to create your dream photo book in just minutes. You can switch designs, shift layouts, swap photos. And you can do it all from your iPhone or iPad.

With the Motif iOS app, you’ll be able to create a custom, multipage photo book that brings your images to life.

How Motif works with iOS

Many editors are just that: photo editors. You can open their app on your iPhone or iPad, bring in a photo stored on your phone to edit it, and save the edited version back to your device. Unlike those apps, Motif works natively with iOS, which means you don’t need to upload or download photos, nor do you need to take them out of their original environment (your iPhotos) to work with them. Instead, you can simply edit your photos seamlessly from within the Motif app, on your iPhone or iPad, in the same folder and location as you found it.

Taking mobile device photo editing one step further

Beyond working natively, Motif offers a huge advantage: It can actually create projects from your photos, right from your iPhone or iPad. When you open up the app, you’ll be able to create a custom, multipage photo book that brings your images to life. Available in hard or soft cover options in a variety of sizes, you can create a traditional photo album, recipe book, story book with text, or anything else you can dream up.

What really makes Motif stand out is that, beyond simply giving you the tools to create your photo project, the app will help you create the perfect project. For example, say you want to create a custom photo book but find it overwhelming to choose which photos out of your thousands to include: Motif will help. Within seconds, its intelligent technology evaluates your photos right from your phone, selecting the ones with the best lighting, clarity, and focus to include. 

You’ll get the option to set your page count and/or budget, along with the number of photos per page. Motif gives you design options so you can customize the look and feel of your photo book, unifying the entire project through design in just a couple of clicks. Tell Motif to get to work, and the app will intelligently lay out your selected photos in professionally designed layouts that optimize their orientation, composition, and subjects. You can send it straight to the checkout, having created a beautiful custom photo book in just seconds, or you can customize it using built-in editing tools.

Motif gives you design options so you can customize the look and feel of your photo book, unifying the entire project.

Remember how we said Motif is a native app? This comes into play big-time here: You never have to leave the Motif app to replace, swap, or modify your layouts or to edit individual photos. You can do it all right within the app!

So many apps edit photos, but Motif gives you professional editing tools and also the option to create beautiful, high-quality custom photo projects from within the same app. It’s never been easier to give your photos new life. Get the app here to try it on your mobile device!

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