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Enjoy Your Photos All Year Round with these Motif Calendar Maker Tips


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You could buy a premade 2022 calendar. It will have all the utility of a calendar, and puppies shot with a wide-angle lens sure are adorable. But there’s something extra motivational about making your own calendar. A custom calendar allows you to relive years past, while taking the year to come and making it yours.

To get the most out of Motif’s calendar maker, try these useful tips.

Images to match the season

Snowy winters hills, summer sunsets. Calendars sporting landscape shots to match the season are nothing new. But when they’re your memories, monthly reminders take on a new significance.

Adding your seasonal shots to each month kindles a connection far stronger than twelve months of random scenery, no matter how picturesque those lagoons.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be landscapes. One of our favorite techniques is to adorn each month with a memory from the previous year. Festoon January with a photo from your New Years’ soiree. June can be dedicated to last year’s graduate, and the holidays have no shortage of family favorite photos to select from.

Returning to these memories from last year will inspire you to seek out all new ones in the next.

Develop a yearly theme

Rather than focusing on monthly motifs, consider unifying the year under one theme. It could be a goal you’re trying to reach. A year of reflection or reminiscence. Or tie it all together with a color scheme. What color represents your 2022?

Then have your theme evolve as the year progresses. Using our color example, start the early winter months with a cool blue. Advance the gradient to light spring greens, followed by calming summer yellows, and concluding with fierce fall reds.

You aren’t limited to just one image per month, either. Motif’s calendar maker app allows you to create a mosaic of images or choose from a selection of professional layouts. These tools not only provide you the means to structure your theme; they ensure family-favorite photos always make the annual cut.

Remember your daily photos

Motif’s calendar maker allows you to add images to individual days. It’s a wonderful addition for personalizing your 2022 calendar. Here are some uses to consider:

  • Add images to holidays for extra merriment.
  • Include portraits on upcoming birthdays.
  • Gal’s night out can be a colorful mark surrounded by life’s busy reminders.
  • Sprinkle little surprises throughout the year—just to make friends and family smile.

You won’t have to do all the work yourself, either. Motif’s calendar maker will autofill holidays based on your country selection. This means you don’t have to spend your time marking all those special days. Let Motif do the leg work, and spend your time enjoying your one-of-a-kind memories.

Inspire the year

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but spare a few extra words and you’ll receive so much more. With Motif, you can add text to your monthly image. Use this tool to write personal messages, provide context for the photos, or include inspirational quotes from great thinkers.

You can add text to individual days, too. This feature allows you to mark special days that are unique to your family—looking your way, anniversary. It’s also great for succeeding at those yearly resolutions. You can plan benchmarks and goals in advance and incorporate motivational messages on strategic days.

Create a custom calendar with Motif

Above all, making your 2022 calendar should be simple and fun. That’s what Motif aspires to. Our Autoflow system curates your photos to find the best ones and will even lay them out for you. It’s the perfect option for calendar crafters who don’t have much time or need help getting started.

But our calendar builder app’s user-friendly tools ensure anyone can create a calendar from scratch, too. You’ll have your best images, professional layouts, and top editing tools at your fingertips. With Motif, you can build a 2022 calendar that is truly your own.

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