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Don’t Let a Few Rain Clouds Stop You with These Rain Photography Tips

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Rain often gets a bad rap. When someone says “don’t rain on my parade,” it’s clear how rain assumes the role of spoiler bent on ruining everyone’s fun. 

No one asks for it to rain on their wedding day, but rain is an essential part of life. Take a moment and give rain the recognition it deserves. Recognize it for the interesting photography element it can be.

You can make rain a great component of your photography. Embrace the possibilities that come with rain photography and realize that there are amazing pictures to be had.  

The Joys of Rain Photography

There is both power and grace to be found in the rain. 

Similar to amazing snow photos, using the element of rain in your photography can create some beautiful and moving moments. Achieve this by using the rain as an accent, a backdrop, or as the central component of the photos you take. 

Once you discover a variety of ways to express yourself in your photos, you’ll worry less about the weather ruining your photography plans.

Rain on Your Window

A simple way to add rain to your pictures is to photograph the rain that hits your windows while you’re inside. 

Both individual raindrops and heavier sheets of rain can make for interesting pictures. The way light refracts as it passes through water can create compelling effects. Photos can focus on the rain itself. They can also use the rain for refraction photography to change the look of something on the other side of the window. Both ways let you use the rain to your advantage, creating new photo opportunities.

Raindrops on your window can make for great photography no matter what the season.

Get Macro

Ramp up your refraction photography skills by using a macroscopic lens to get up close and personal with the rain. 

By shooting rain on a macro scale, you see the reflections and refractions within an individual raindrop. Use these aspects of the water to shape what the viewer sees in your photo. Reflections within a raindrop often completely reveal your surrounding environment.

Abstract Rain Photography

Experiment with your rain photography by using rain as a natural filter for abstract photography. 

The aspects of water that make it so useful for refraction and reflection photography can also let you distort your scenes into something more abstract without the need for Photoshop. Combine this with non-abstracted scenes to create a powerful end result.

A Twist on Nature Photography

It’s no secret that many photographers enjoy taking pictures in nature. 

Surprisingly, few of them consider rain photography as outdoor photography ideas. Rain is an important part of nature. Capturing clouds and rainfall add interesting twists to shots featuring the beauty of the great outdoors. 

Including rain in your nature photography plans let you capture moments unique to rain. Raindrops on a stream or an overhang creating shelter from the storm are just two examples. Familiar outdoor scenes find a new light when you add a little bit of rain to the mix.

Rain photography gives you a fun, different, and sometimes-unexpected way to sharpen your skills and your eye.

Rainy Day Portraits

When creating unique portraits, consider these outdoor photography ideas that incorporate the rain.

Try portraits by a rain-covered window. Consider shots where a tree provides a bit of shelter. Take pictures where your subject is simply out under the full force of the rain shower. Recognize how the rain affects the portraits you take. Stage shots that will give you a unique look that would be all but impossible to capture any other way. 

Rainy day portraits give you a new appreciation for the outdoors and for your subject.

Enjoy Your Rain Photos

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