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Create Your Own Halloween Party Invitations

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That creepy holiday is creeping up on us. The one where we dress ourselves, our kids, and the pets that will let us in scary, cute, and awesome costumes. Then kids young and old set out in search of sweets from neighbors. 

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If going out for Halloween and trick or treating is not your cup of witches brew, there’s always the option of throwing your own Halloween party with friends and family. But instead of sending out an eventually annoying group text, go old school and create your own Halloween cards. 

You don’t have to go back to school for an advanced degree in communications to make one. We’ve outlined all you really need to make the best Halloween party invitations in this article.  

4 Halloween Invitation Ideas

The first thing that might help with DIY Halloween invitations is a little inspiration. Once you have an idea of what kind of party you’re having and who will be attending, the rest kinda falls into place. The content should reflect the audience obviously. If you’re inviting friends over for a gathering with adults, there’s more latitude. This also lets your guests choose appropriate costumes for the event. When kids are involved the invitations should take on a tone suitable. 

Here’s a few options to help improve your Halloween party attendance. 

Halloween photo cards

Halloween photo cards

The name alone is an indication of how easy these personalized Halloween cards are to create. If you have a Halloween photo on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’re only a few clicks away. By downloading the Motif Photos app to any or all of the previously mentioned devices, you’ve got a Halloween party invitations machine at your fingertips. 

The app works exclusively with Apple Photos so there’s no uploading images to another program. Personalized party invitations of any kind are easy when the photos you use are on the same device as your photo card making app. The text feature lets you enter all your pertinent party information. Built in design elements let you style it as you wish.    

Halloween birthday invitations

Wait. Is a birthday in close proximity to Halloween? What a great opportunity to pair the trimmings of Halloween with those of a birthday party. The beauty of birthday cake, friends, and gifts are amplified with creative Halloween costumes and decorations. 

Halloween party photo invitations get the perfect Halloween birthday party going. Like any invitation, it’s important to get invites to those you’d like to attend far enough in advance. Dropping an invite in the mail a few days before the event is a sure way to be eating a lot of cake all by yourself. Ideally, between three and six weeks before the party will suffice.

Halloween costume party invitations

Cheers at a Halloween party

Parties for every other day of the year have very similar dress codes. They’re either casual, business casual, semi-formal, or may have you renting a tuxedo or buying a gown. 

Halloween parties throw out those rules for the most part. Your imagination drives this dress code. Halloween photo invitations can help stimulate the imagination of those you’d like to attend. So take a scroll through your Photos folder and find some of the most creative Halloween costumes to feature on your Halloween cards.  

Get creative with the language. Replace “the second house on the left” with “you’ll find us at the scariest part of Hummingbird Lane – enter if you dare!” The key part is it’s a party. Have fun with it and your guests will too.  

Pumpkin carving party invitations

Table full of pumpkins already carved and ready for Halloween.

If there’s one symbol that truly represents Halloween, it’s the jack-o’-lantern. Gathering friends and family together to carve some is a great opportunity for a party. A pumpkin carving party invite is a festive, yet personal way to announce it. 

It should be noted, anything you receive in the mail that isn’t a bill, direct mail marketing, or the like is a lovely surprise to anyone. Personal, customized invitations to a party can be a welcome find in anyone’s mailbox. 

And even if you don’t have a good jack-o’-lantern photo handy, it doesn’t mean you can’t make pumpkin carving party invitations. The Motif app has just about any color you could think of to paint your Halloween cards with. They probably stock up on orange and black around that time of year. 

What to Write In Your Halloween Party Invitations

Besides all the scary photos and colors of the season, the party details and such also belong in your Halloween cards. Here are the basics and a few extras:

  • Your guests should know where the event is taking place 
  • When does the party begin and how late will it go 
  • Are costumes required to attend or are they optional 
  • Will kids be present or will it just be for the adults 
  • Can a cute costumed pet also attend
  • How guests can RSVP 
  • Will food and drink be provided
  • Do guests need to bring anything

With Halloween party invitations, the language you use is completely up to you. If you’d like to get creative and flavor it with some scary “Halloweenese,” please do so. It’s your party and your card. Have fun and make it the way you want it. That’s the beauty of creating your own custom Halloween cards. 

And, as a precaution, be sure to proof your card before you checkout. Be sure the info is correct and you didn’t forget to include an important detail. Have someone else look at it to be sure. A fresh set of eyes on a project is always a good idea. 

Design Your Own Custom Halloween Cards with Motif

Motif easily lets you turn photos into printed photo projects. This is important because photos have a tendency to get lost in our phones and other devices. By downloading Motif to your Mac laptop, desktop, iPhone, and iPad for free, you’re a few clicks away from rescuing your favorites. 

On your Mac laptop or desktop:

  1. Open Apple Photos
  2. Select the photos you want to create your card with
  3. Then, in the File menu click Create, Card, and Motif 
  4. Select the card size and format you want
  5. Choose a theme fitting of your Halloween card then let our smart tech arrange your photos  
  6. Add all the color, patterns, photos, and copy you want 
  7. Click Checkout, sit back, and let us print then ship your creation. 

On your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Motif app and choose Card in the products page.
  2. Select the photos you want in your Halloween cards.
  3. Motif can automatically place your photos into your photo card format.
  4. Stylize as you wish with color, patterns, and your own copy.
  5. Tap Checkout, sit back while Motif professionally prints and ships your cards.  

It’s frighteningly easy to make your own Halloween cards. This might have you asking yourself why you’d ever buy a card off the shelf again? 

Bring your scariest photos back from the dead with Motif. 👻

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