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Create a Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Creating a personalized Valentines gift will show just how much you care | Motif

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Valentine’s Day is often a big holiday for couples, and it isn’t always easy to come up with a perfect gift to give to your significant other–or your mom or bestie, since “Galentine’s Day” has become a new thing!

Flowers and chocolates are old standbys, but they’re so overdone at this point that they usually seem like the easy way out. On the flip side, unless they’re using this occasion to pop the question, most people don’t want to go over-the-top with Valentine’s Day gifts. So if you want to impress a special woman in your life without breaking the bank, how do you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her?

There are a few ways to go about this, but one of the most effective is to take the time to create a personalized Valentine’s gift. Not only will this show that you care through the time and effort that you put into it, but it will also ensure that she receives something that isn’t just right off the shelf. This will tell her as much about how you feel about her as the gift itself.

Creating a personalized Valentines gift will show just how much you care | Motif

Why Personalized Gifts?

Giving a personalized gift is one way to make Valentine’s Day (or any other day) unforgettable. 

There is usually a little more effort involved in creating a personalized present since you typically have to do more than just visit a store or hit up a website. The extra time that you spend is more than worth it, though, as it gives you a completely unique gift for her to love and enjoy.

As an added bonus, giving a personalized Valentine’s gift provides you with a way to express your affection that other gifts can’t really compete with. Your gift sends the message that you wanted her to have something that she literally couldn’t get anywhere else. This extra attention lets her know just how special she is to you without you having to put it into words.

Making a Magical Evening

One thing that’s often forgotten is that a personalized gift doesn’t have to be a physical present. Instead, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience for her that she’ll never forget. 

This could include things like a trip to her favorite restaurant, tickets to see her favorite band perform live or a tour of her favorite museum. Even smaller gestures such as a visit to the place where you two met or a movie in the theater where you had your first date can be great components of an unforgettable evening together.If you really want to add some magic to it, make her an invitation or write her a small love letter that is tied in with the evening as a whole. This extra touch will give a subtle nod to the fact that even though it’s made up of different activities or experiences, the entire evening is your gift to her. It also highlights the planning that you put into your time together, letting her see how much love you put into trying to create a truly magical time together.

Identifying What She Really Wants

One key to putting together a great Valentine’s Day gift for her is to listen. 

Sometimes, you’ll be able to pick up on what she might want but would never actually buy herself; that you even paid attention to such subtle cues is, in itself, inherently romantic. Even if she doesn’t mention anything specifically, quietly observing her preferences for books, TV or movies, food or beauty products and see if any patterns jump out at you.

Keep in mind that you should be really listening to her and thinking about the things that she says and does, 365 days a year; that’s part of being a good partner! But if you weren’t doing that before, there’s no time like the present to focus on her preferences now. Of course if she hints or blatantly name-drops what she wants, don’t ignore that! Her knowing that you’re listening to her and that her wants are important to you will be as much of a gift as anything that you might buy.

Adding a Personal Touch

Whether you buy a gift or make something, there’s always room to add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gift for her. 

For gifts that you created, this is a natural component of what you’re giving her… your creativity is a part of the gift. For purchased gifts, this can come in the form of engraving, custom packaging or even creative little touches such as snapshots of you and a stuffed bear having adventures together before you give it to her. The more personal you can make your gift, the more she’s going to enjoy it.

A Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

There’s a trend in Valentine’s gifts to go with something that’s kind of sappy or romantic, but you can evoke strong emotions without relying on cliches. 

One good way is to go the nostalgic route; incorporate favorite memories or experiences into your gift for her, even if they may not seem overly romantic at first glance. Provided that you manage to capture the sentimental effect well, there’s a good chance that this sort of a gift will win out over a strictly romantic gesture any day of the week.

Of course, it’s important that you choose the right kind of sentimentality. While there are a lot of different things that could spark those sentimental feelings in her, you want to make sure that she’s focused on sentimentality and nostalgia for the times that the two of you have spent together in the past. 

One brilliant way to conjure up sweet memories of shared experiences is with a photo book of an adventure you went on together. Use Motif’s iOS app to take the photos on your iPhone from your last weekend getaway into a cute photo album and voila! Instant Valentine’s Day win!

Capturing Valentine’s Day Memories

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love of your life, don’t forget to have a camera handy. 

You already take a lot of pictures, so make sure that you don’t skimp on the photos now. Capturing the time that you spend together can actually be a component of your Valentine’s Day gift for her. The pictures that you take can become reminders of the great time that you had together.

Even better, the pictures that you take on Valentine’s Day can be used to create gifts for your anniversary or other holidays. You could even use photos taken on Valentine’s Day and other holidays to make a Christmas gift looking back at your year together. She’s sure to treasure the memories that you make regardless, but having pictures that you can use for other projects will make the day even more special in retrospect.

Immortalizing Your Time Together

If you want to immortalize your wonderful Valentine’s Day together, consider collecting the photos you take into a picture book from Motif. By creating a custom photo book filled with memories of the two of you, you’ll have a reminder throughout the year of just how much you love her… and how much she loves you.

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