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Celebrate Your Child’s School Year with Photo Cards

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School is a principal part of any child’s life. During these years, children learn about the world and the people in it. They create friendships and enduring social networks. They receive the time to explore themselves and develop their own personhood, free of the commitments that dominate adult life.

These enchanted moments are one-of-a-kind but short-lived, and we should be thankful for and celebrate them.  And school photo cards offer us a way to do just that!

Highlights from the school year

Every school year has its memorable moments. These vary by grade and your child’s interests, but they’re there just waiting to be enjoyed.

Talk with your child to discover the year’s highlights. It could be an achievement like winning the science fair. It could be an unforgettable field trip, a volunteer activity, or a fantastic teacher. It could be more abstract, too, like discovering a new favorite subject or surpassing a report-card goal.

It doesn’t necessarily have to tie directly to scholastics, either. Plenty of experiences happen off campus. Whether that’s hanging out with friends, birthday parties, going to a dance, or learning to drive. It may not be about mathematics or history, but these moments are what will make these years so remarkable.

Highlights from enrichment activities

School doesn’t end when the bell rings. Enrichment and extra-curricular activities bolster your child’s learning opportunities and offer important social avenues. Consider these when choosing what shots to adorn school photo cards.

These images will depend on your child’s interests. It could be an action shot of your girl catching that fly ball. It could show your son mastering a difficult piano composition. Then there’s theater, choir, cooking, woodworking, and robot club. The possibilities are endless!

If you don’t have a lot of pictures from after-school activities, try asking around. The school or organization leading the activity will likely have taken pictures, and other parents may have some they can send you.

Tips for creating a custom card

With the Motif app, making photo cards has never been easier. The app’s intuitive tools allow you to focus on creating your cards, not fussing with the interface. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your custom school photo cards:

  1. Create an Album containing the year’s best school photos. When you start your project with Motif, select that Album to add all these photos to the select tray. This way, you can maintain your creative flow without needing to search for new pictures.
  2. Have a theme in mind when selecting images, colors, fonts, and backgrounds. School photo cards are usually themed around fun, growth, and thanks, but the theme can be as unique as your child.
  3. What image you choose will depend on the card’s purpose or the person you plan to send it to. You’ll want a game-day shot to thank your child’s soccer coach. A pensive shot of your child engaged with a favorite book works great for teachers. And grandparents love nothing more than an image of the grandchildren smiling and laughing on the playground.
  4. With Motif, you aren’t forced to plop one image in the center. The app features a wide selection of professionally designed layouts, allowing you to mix and match images. Expansive editing tools let you design your own picture-perfect layouts, too.
  5. Consider how to use text creatively to personalize your card even more. You can add a message from your child, statistics from this year in sports, or detail the year’s highlights.
  6. Before you check out, be sure to use the Preview feature to make sure everything looks picture perfect.

With these tips and Motif’s tools, you can make school photo cards that preserve your child’s experiences.

Who should you be thanking?

A lot of people helped make this year special for your child. While a store-bought card is always nice, a custom-made one shows how much you appreciate their efforts.

Who should you be thanking? Teachers, grandparents, principals, and coaches are the big ones, but there are a lot of people who support your child. Teachers’ aides assist students with one-on-one tutoring. Friend’s parents set up playdates for after-school bonding. And guidance counselors offer direction where there was only confusion before.

Obviously, who you thank will depend on who made an impression on your child, but take a minute to consider those whose efforts typically go unnoticed but are no less crucial.

Mementos from the school year

Of course, school photo cards can be used as more than thank yous. They can serve as graduation invitations, postcards or stationery for grandparents and summer pen pals, or small mementos for once-in-a-lifetime events.

Most importantly, school photo cards help families reconnect with how remarkable the school years are. Let’s remember to enjoy this time while it’s happening and celebrate our successes when it’s over. And next year, you’ll be able to pull out your child’s school photo card and remember why it’s such a special time for your family.

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