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Celebrate the Love Letter… 2019 Style

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Out of the depths of my happy heart wells a great tide of love and prayer for this priceless treasure that is confined to my life-long keeping.” These are words Mark Twain once penned in a love letter to his future wife. Johnny Cash to June Carter. Winston Churchill to his wife Clementine. Thousands of figures throughout history have immortalized their love through beautiful prose. Shouldn’t that tradition carry on?

It’s true, we live in a different age. And while a heartfelt pen-scribed love letter will forever remain a way to immortalize your love, today’s technology has given us new opportunities to express our deepest sentiments.

We can help simplify that process—and create a beautiful, living love letter, in just minutes.

3 Modern-Day Love Letter Ideas

1. Put it in a card.

Every grocery store, dollar store, and big-box shop has an entire aisle (or more) dedicated to greeting cards. When you purchase a card off the shelf, it no doubt has a beautiful sentiment pre-written for you on the inside with a lovely—but often nonspecific—image, likely with flowers or hearts of some kind, or perhaps an adorable baby animal featured on the front. There’s nothing wrong with this! However, if you’re looking for something a little more personal, you can create a custom card that celebrates your relationship and lets you profess your love in your own way.

Use your favorite image of the two of you or incorporate several into one of our professionally designed layouts. Then take the time to pen—in your own words—a love letter of your own. Send it to print, and you can gift your own love letter just like the great romances throughout history—but with a modern twist.

A love letter made on a Motif Custom Card | Motif

2. Love letter… or love book?

The beauty of the love letter is that it colorfully illustrates through words what one is feeling. But you know what else works? Pictures!

Take some time to curate your favorite photos that tell your own love story through a custom, one-of-a-kind photo book. Let Motif do it for you in a modern and efficient way. In just minutes, you can turn your love letter into a love book that, printed on high-quality materials, will stand the test of time.

Get started by installing the Motif app (if you don’t yet have it). Then, from within your Photos on MacOS, you can seamlessly send the photos you’d like to include to your new photo book. Set your page count and photos per page and watch the magic happen. Once Motif arranges your photos in professional layouts, take a few minutes to make it your own. For example, you can easily add your own captions to the images or add in text blocks that share accompanying memories and what they mean to you in your own words. Illustrate your love letter with Motif.

Add a Love Letter to Your Motif Photo Book

3. Celebrate your love all year with a 12-month calendar all about you two.

If you’ve been with your loved one for some time, why not send them a message loud and clear that you love them deeply and can’t wait to continue living that love? With Motif’s custom calendars, you can highlight your favorite memories month by month through your favorite images. Take a few extra minutes to include key dates special to just the two of you—the anniversary of your first date, the celebration of your first kiss, or even blocking off future date nights. Sprinkle your own memories and recollections from past dates throughout the calendar.

A custom Motif calendar with important romantic dates | Motif

Make your love letter an ode that lasts the year to come while singing the reasons you already love them.

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