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Red & Blue Photography: 4th July Inspiration

A father holding his son who is holding an American Flag | Motif

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Three cheers for the red, white, and blue—and for 4th of July photography! Independence Day is filled with unabashed nostalgia, family, and friends, making it an ideal holiday to document in photos. Whether you’re kicking back by the pool, enjoying a barbecue, or saluting the USA at a parade, don’t forget your camera.

Capture the flag and the colors

Everywhere you look on the Fourth of July, you’ll see Old Glory. Be sure to pick up some flags for your family and friends to wave in your 4th of July photography. Festive bunting makes a bright, patriotic background for your photos, distinguishing them from other summer get-togethers.

Two sisters holding an American Flag | Motif

Commemorate our nation and its heroes

No matter where you live, you’ll find a local Fourth of July celebration near you. Your neighborhood might have a children’s bicycle parade or your hometown might host a parade featuring marching bands, local veterans’ groups, and more. Take your camera with you to document how your community celebrates.

Photograph the flavor of the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is an ideal time to take Instagram-worthy shots of your barbecue and picnic food. Experiment with taking photos of that juicy hamburger or hot dog from various angles. And don’t forget to document your annual attempt at a flag cake. That’s an American tradition!

Take family portraits

Many Americans schedule their family reunions over the 4th of July holiday. Don’t miss your opportunity to take family portraits when the gang’s all together. Try creative poses such as lining everyone up in a row or incorporating piggyback rides.

Try these tips for fireworks photography

It’s not easy to photograph fireworks. A quick iPhone photo won’t live up to your memories. However, with the right equipment (a tripod and a DSLR, to start) and a little know-how, you can successfully incorporate fireworks in your 4th of July photography. Try these tips:

  • Use a tripod set on flat, sturdy ground and, if possible, wireless shutter release. You want to do anything you can to prevent camera shake.
  • Set your DSLR to manual mode.
  • Use a low ISO (100 or 200).
  • Set your aperture to a mid-range setting (f/8 is a good starting place).
  • Experiment with slow shutter speeds (2 to 10 seconds).

Find additional tips for photographing fireworks. 

Fourth of July Fireworks | Motif

Above all, have fun with your 4th of July photography. Happy times with family and friends equal excellent photography you’ll want to include in a custom photo book, card, or calendar, whether you’re making a 4th of July photo project or documenting your family’s entire year using the macOS photo book app Motif.

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