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Celebrate National Girlfriends Day by Creating the Perfect Gal Pals Photo Book

Best Girlfriends

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One of our favorite days of the entire year is just around the corner, and it’s one you won’t want to miss: National Girlfriends Day! This is a day we celebrate the special ladies we call at 2 a.m. when we’re upset, the friends who show up on our door steps with a bottle of wine and our favorite rom com when we need support the most—our best gal pals!

The bond between women is so strong and unique, and when you find your tribe, you hold them close. So this year, celebrate strong and celebrate proud! Be ready for National Girlfriends Day on August 1 with our list of celebration ideas.

1. Make a dinner date

Let’s be honest, schedules are busy! But our best gal pals can always squeeze in some quality time. Plan a dinner date for just you and your best girlfriends in honor of National Girlfriends Day. Hit your favorite restaurant or try someplace new.

Girls' night in

2. Girls’ night in

We value precious time in our own homes with just our gal pals. Have a night in with you and your best girls! Better yet, make it a throwback night! Recreate some of your favorite moments from earlier in your friendship—party in your PJs with some sparkling rosé. Break out the ridiculous board games. Throw on your favorite movie (and talk through the whole thing). Enjoy every second, and savor your time together!

3. Make a custom photo book—together!

One of our all-time favorite gift ideas is a custom photo book to celebrate your occasion, reliving each of your favorite memories as you create. For this special day, why not work together to create a custom photo book! 

Motif makes customizing the story of your friendship a breeze, thanks to intelligent software that analyzes your photos to help you whittle your book down to the best-quality images. It will even place your photos in professionally designed layouts. But you get to customize the details, switching photos as you feel the need and adding captions and anecdotes. When you finish creating, send a copy to the cart for each of your best gal pals. 

When you look through your photo book, you’ll all relive your favorite moments over the years, including how fun it was to create your one-of-a-kind book. 

Vineyard tour

4. Do something adventurous

What better way is there to spend a day of celebration than by having a new experience together? Do something fun you’ve both always wanted to try. Maybe it’s a painting class or taking a vineyard tour with a tasting experience. Take it up a notch and try skydiving or bungee jumping. Whatever you do, make it something new and fun none of you have done before so you can all make a first-time memory together! Remember to take lots of pictures! They’ll be perfect for your best girlfriends photo book.

Girls only day

5. Have the ultimate girls-only day

What better way is there to celebrate National Girlfriends Day than by simply being together for the day? Just being together is special. Book a spa day where you can hang out drinking infused water and chatting while savoring massages and mani/pedis together. 

Have everyone take a day off of work and spend mid-morning sipping bellinis over a long brunch, followed by a movie date. Spend the afternoon at the local vineyard, sipping, snacking, and just hanging out.

However you decide to celebrate National Girlfriends Day, it’ll be special as long as you’re with your best gal pals. Make the new memories last by giving them longevity through some great photos you can enjoy many years to come.

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