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Celebrate #FamilyDay With Innovative Family Photos

A family posing for a picture at dawn | Motif

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In theory, every day is family day, right? Canada even takes a pause to celebrate Family Day as a national holiday each February (high five, Canada!). While we may not have an official day, we can all dedicate ourselves to taking some time to recognize those unofficial family days.

And what better way to celebrate family day than making and/or reliving some of your family’s greatest hits through photos!

Celebrate Family Day with new family photos

One great way to enjoy your family is to schedule some time for new photos. Plan ahead to determine what kind of images you want to capture and how you might use them—if this is the only photo session you’ll get this year, think ahead to the annual holiday card. Will you also turn one into a printed canvas? Convert the whole shoot into a segment of your photo book—or dedicate an entire photo book to this individual shoot? Do you want to capture classic poses or focus on candids, filled with personality?

This kind of in-advance planning will ensure you get the most out of your time with your photographer and the end results you have in mind.
If you need some ideas on how to infuse those photos with character and variety, we have several outlined in this post.

Get everyone in the family excited about the upcoming photos by enlisting their help for outfit planning and picture practice. Create a playlist you can all enjoy during the shoot. Making these memories should be fun—and the more fun you have during the shoot, the bigger the smiles every time you see the resulting photos.

A family dancing in their living room in front of their couch | Motif

Celebrate Family Day by honoring past memories

Do you have a collection of memories you’ve captured already? What better way to celebrate past experiences than by reviewing those photos and giving them new life!

Motif makes taking on a collection of multiple years easy. Our photo book software works seamlessly in photos for macOS, and our advanced technology can evaluate, select, and lay out your photos and pages out for you—you can have perfect albums that showcase those years in no time. If you haven’t yet created a Motif photo book, check out our step-by-step guide. If you’re already a pro, you know just how easy and fun it is to create custom photo books the Motif way.

You might also take the day to design a custom calendar that extends your gratitude for those closest to you throughout the year. Motif’s calendars give you the power to customize every day of the year, if you wish, and to theme each month with your favorite images. It takes just minutes to do and creates a memento you can enjoy for the 365 (or more) days to follow.

A family calendar with pictures of the whole family and touching ice cream cones | Motif

We know you’re grateful for your family, and creating your own family day is the perfect way to celebrate how much you love them. Enjoy!

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