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Bringing People Together. Close the Distance with Photos

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. There may be no more accurate statement to apply to the period we find ourselves in. The people we love, the places we like to visit, now a bit farther away for obvious reasons. We keep a distance to protect ourselves. We keep a distance to protect others. Faces on screens, voices on speakers, and gestures from a safe distance is now the new norm. 

If you have a second, try this simple experiment. Think of a particular friend or family member. Then, find some photos of that person. Can you feel yourself closer to that person? Are all the details of that moment coming back to you? Now try the same with a favorite destination. Do you find yourself traveling to that place? Photos have the power to take you places. Let’s explore more about “Closing the distance” with photos in this post. 

Remember the distance of far off places      

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Think about that last great trip you took. The details are somewhat fresh in your memory. Open your photos folder and scroll to all the great shots. Your memories and the images can, in essence, take you there. If it’s 25 degrees outside, there’s a good chance you’ll feel warmer looking at the beach vacation photos. The visual cues from each photo have the power to bring back so many details. Reminiscing has a way of bringing smiles to lots of faces. Until it’s safer to travel, revisit the amazing places you’ve already been.    

Take a break from the distance that’s too close       

Before you start scratching your head, consider the time spent with family members during quarantine. Normally, people wake up, have breakfast and then head off to work or school. Eight or so hours later, they return home. There’s time apart to work, study or just be with other people. Without that time apart, life can be strained. Alleviate that strain by gathering around to relive special moments you’ve captured in photos.   

Recall fond moments to close the distance between your loved ones       


Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house used to be an easier trek. Visiting anyone special these days is done with well-deserved precaution. Photos of those you care about have the power to bring you together. Even if you’re not. Pick up the phone and thumb through the memories you both shared. You’d be surprised how much can come from a handful of special images. 

Closing the distance with an Apple photo book

Picture a close family member or a good friend receiving a package. They open it up and find a book, a calendar, or card filled with images from a special moment you shared. Whether they’re across town, across the country or the other side of the planet, in that moment you’re right there with them in spirit. 

With your suitcases in the closet, take a trip down memory lane of your last great adventure. Collect the best imagery from it and include every detail the images remind you of. Create a photo book featuring that adventure. Your experience in that place, wherever in the world it is, now resides on a bookshelf or coffee table. Revisit whenever you like without searching or scrolling. No boarding pass required.  

Mother And Daughter Sitting At Table Looking Photos

Instead of watching something on television 3 out of 5 family members want to watch, try a different, creative activity. Pick up the camera and look through some photos. You’ll find stories you were all part of. Come together to tell that story. Capture those special moments and create a physical record for generations to come. 

Photos projects are an excellent way to connect. Make a photo card to reconnect with a friend or family member. Create the perfect holiday card to celebrate the season. Make your own photo calendar featuring everyone special to you and fill it with your special dates. Chronicle the important moments in a custom photo book. Make thoughtful gifts that really show you care. Bring people together and close the distance with photos.  

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