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Five Fun Indoor April Fool Pranks

Kids drawing a mustache on father's face April fools day

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No, Motif is not going to be printing your kids’ faces on the hood of your Jetta. Gotcha!

To get in on the fun, here are five harmless pranks that’ll help you pass the time.

An explosion of confetti

Ecstatic little girl catching falling confetti

This one is easy: just cut up bits and pieces of colorful paper and place them on top of a ceiling fan. That’s it — you’re done. Just wait until your unsuspecting victim flicks on the fan, and voila: they’ll be showered with your homemade confetti.

Send friends a gif of typing dots


Drive your friends bananas by sending them a gif of the typing dots.

“Hello, is Mr. Bayer there?”

Monkey on phone

This one will work if you have a landline. When your partner returns from a walk, tell them that a “Mrs. Focks” or a “Mr. Bayer” gave them a ring and needs them to return the call. The phone number will happen to be the direct line to a local zoo. Be prepared to be extremely entertained while you watch them ask the zoo employee to speak with a “Mrs. Fox” or a “Mr. Bear.”


Fill a mayo jar with yogurt and devour it by the spoonful. Your family’s reaction will be priceless.

Frozen breakfast

Bowl of oatmeal chocolate flakes in the shape of letters of the alphabet with milk on a wooden tray with bananas, healthy Breakfast concept

Fill a bowl with cereal and milk, plop a spoon in it, and freeze it.

Serve it up to your unsuspecting mark in the AM, and watch as they struggle to realize what’s going on.

If you try out any of these pranks, post the results on Instagram and tag us @motifphotos.

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