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A Personalized Yearbook for the School Year

The 2020 graduating class deserves a personalized yearbook to commemorate their hard work.

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This is the perfect time to create a personalized yearbook. A highlight reel of your student’s prime years is a gift they’ll cherish forever.

You can’t make up for a missed graduation. You can make the good memories last with a custom yearbook creation.

This unique graduating class deserves a gift that honors their extraordinary spirit. It should be uplifting. It should be well planned and extremely personalized. But don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Simply follow one of these five yearbook ideas. Your custom yearbook will be unlike any other, guaranteed.

A group photo of high school friends is a good focus for your personalized yearbook.

Focus on friends.

Making a personalized yearbook requires you to get personal. There’s nothing more personal than those deep-rooted relationships. If you want to tug at a student’s heart, focus on their BFFs.

It doesn’t matter how many friends you feature. One bestie they’ve known since pre-K could easily consume a dozen pages. Pages still need to be organized, though. Group photos by school year, season, or type of event. For instance, dedicate one section to all the birthdays they’ve shared. Another to memories from summer camp.

If there’s a whole squad to showcase, make each section a different friend. Choose photos from their recent school-years only. Otherwise, you might end up with a 100-page yearbook. Include a variety of memories. Mix formal photos from school dances with funny candid shots from Disney World. The goal is tears, laughter, and lots of joy!

Celebrate clubs and sports teams.


Whether it was band camp or basketball team, those extracurricular activities were important. It’s where your child developed a skill, made friends, and learned discipline. And don’t forget all the time your family invested. That alone is reason enough to create a personalized yearbook.  


You probably already have a dedicated photo album (“Johnny’s soccer games”). Pull from those reserves and arrange the photos in chronological order. Be sure to include awards and certificates. You can use an iPhone photo scanner app for anything not already digitized.  It can be a closeup of the award, or a picture of your child proudly holding it. This is your chance to create a small shrine of your kid’s accomplishments.No championships? No problem. You can also show off their uniforms over the years. It’s a big deal just to have your name on the back of a jersey. Plus, it makes for a cool photo. Don’t forget to include group shots of their teammates and photos with the coaches. You might find perspective of how they’ve grown from one season to the next.

Create a personalized yearbook that honors a high school teacher or mentor.

Honor a heroic teacher.


Students don’t succeed on their own. It takes a village. Honor the people who have helped. This doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. Include this special person as a part of the yearbook, or as a separate one for their most influential mentor(s).


Gather photos of the teacher and staff member. Enlist the community for help. Most people will be thrilled to be a part of something so thoughtful. Some may want to pitch in on the cost, or have one made for themselves! Leave room for captions, so you can date stamp or add names under each photo. For an extra-special touch, incorporate quotes throughout the photo book. These can be the teacher’s own words of wisdom. Or, use famous quotes that speak to the teacher’s personality and influences.

Look back on the years.


Highlighting their school years is a great way to document someone’s growth over the years


Divide your photos by school year and give each one its own title page. Go back even further, if you can. Many parents take first day of school pictures from kindergarten through high school. Within each section, break down the pages by subcategory. Start with the first day of school pic. From there, add photos of their favorite teachers, sporting events, vacations, and birthday parties. Try to keep these categories consistent from year-to-year.   

Set up a family photo with your high school graduate to include in a personalized yearbook.

Replicate tradition.


Many students are mourning the loss of prom, graduation, and the final days in actual classrooms. Take this opportunity to bring a little normalcy to the school year. Create a personalized yearbook that’s as close to the real thing as possible.


Include the most important sections you’d find in a yearbook. Here’s what you need:

Title page – Include a picture of the school building and add a caption. The text should include the school’s name, location, and the school year.

Coverage – Dedicate multiple pages to photos that capture student life. This can range from classroom photos to action shots taken on the athletic fields.

Student portraits – Gather as many headshots of your student and their classmates. Arrange the pictures in alphabetical order and use a grid format for the layout. It doesn’t matter if you include the whole graduating class or just their closest friends. Remember, it’s a personalized yearbook.

Staff highlights – Don’t forget to include their favorite teachers and staff members. They were a big part of their journey. If possible, reach out and ask those special people to share a personalized message. Next to their photo, add the text as a caption. 

Superlatives – No yearbook is complete without those entertaining superlatives. Some popular picks include biggest flirt, class clown, cutest couple, life of the party, most athletic, and most likely to succeed. Feel free to think outside the box, though. The options are endless!

Autograph pages – Social distancing limits your ability to get in-person autographs. But you can still ask for those personalized messages in writing. Have them mailed to your house and take photos of each one. Fill up at least one whole page with a collage of the photographed messages. 

Send to the Printer

With your photos organized and pages laid out, Motif helps you perfect this custom yearbook. Using advanced technology, Motif checks for any duplicates or low-quality images. You receive a high-quality hardcover book. Motif lets you customize your cover with photos and a title. Personalize the book spine with the school name, your student’s name, and the school year. Simply download Motif today and start creating a yearbook full of yesterdays.

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