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9 Adorable Baby Announcement Ideas

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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, the baby announcement is a keepsake you’ll treasure forever. This is your baby’s official debut to the world—and far more lasting than a quick Instagram post from the hospital. The baby announcement should reflect your hopes and dreams for your child—and show off a bit of mom and dad’s style. Get inspired by these nine baby announcement ideas.

1. Take a documentary-style approach

Start telling your baby’s story from his or her first cries in the hospital. The emotions in the photos of mom, dad, and baby in the delivery room simply can’t be matched. You also can’t replicate the “first look” of a grandparent or older sibling when they meet the baby. Capture the joy of these first photos, whether on your iPhone or by hiring a professional birth photographer.

2. Host a baby fashion show

After a few showers, your baby’s wardrobe is probably more extensive than yours. Why not showcase the outfits selected by your friends and family? This baby announcement idea is a fun way to say thank you to your loved ones and spotlight just how cute Junior is.

A baby announcement photo of a child playing on the ground | Motif

3. Recreate a vintage photo

Does your mom have a favorite baby photo of you, or your mother-in-law of your spouse? Consider recreating the shot for a baby announcement side-by-side. Bonus points if you have the original outfit for your little one to wear.

4. Show some team spirit

If you and your spouse share an alma mater (or if one of you is a rabid fan), try decking your little one out in team gear, such as a football jersey or cheerleader outfit. It’s easy to accessorize with spirited pacifiers, baby blankets, and stuffed toys—simply check out the online store for your university bookstore. The same is true if you’re passionate about a professional sports team.

5. Pay homage to your hobbies

If you or your spouse are known for a particular hobby you can’t wait to share with your child, have some fun now with a themed baby announcement. For instance, if Dad is on the links every Saturday, try a golf-themed announcement. (Imagine how cute baby would look in traditional golf attire!) Or, if you’re a comic book fan, put baby in a superhero costume. Baby legs are made for tights.

6. Be inspired by the calendar

If you’ll be sending your baby announcements out near a holiday, take some inspiration from the season. A springtime baby could be pictured in an Easter basket, and a summertime baby would look adorable in an Uncle Sam hat. Babies naturally have the perfect shape for a pumpkin costume—and can anyone think of a more joyous holiday gift? (Imagine a giant red bow around your baby’s tummy…)

7. Include big brother or sister

While you want the focus of your baby announcement to be on your new arrival, the big brother or sister is a key part of the story. Step back and observe your older child interact with his or her new sibling. You’ll want to give your child time to forget you’re nearby with the camera. Shoot lots of photos quietly without the flash for the most genuine, unscripted interactions. These are exactly the types of moments long-distance grandparents will cherish most.

8. Set the scene using a floorscape

One benefit to photographing newborns is they aren’t going anywhere. You can easily set up a “scene” for them on the floor using blankets, sheets, and other props,  and shoot to your heart’s content (or at least the next feeding time). Use a blue sheet to create a cartoon-esque sunny day, or a dark background and a paper moon and stars to say “I love you to the moon and back.”

A baby announcement photo of a baby lying on a boat floorscape | Motif

9. Create a crafty prop for the first year

A popular new parent trend is to document your child’s growth with a monthly photograph shot in the same style. Perhaps baby always wears a white onesie and is with a sign saying he or she is X number of months old. Have fun with your prop. While you’ll want the baby’s outfit to be fairly simple—you’re trying to showcase monthly change, after all—your prop can reflect your family’s personality. Say mom’s a news junkie. Perhaps your sign is actually a “newspaper” with a headline. Or maybe you photograph your baby with a hand-crafted garland spelling out his or her name. The sky’s the limit.

You also have complete creative freedom when you use Motif to create your custom cards, the best photo books, and calendars for whatever baby announcement idea you have. If you want a traditional pink or blue theme, Motif has that—but if you want a more custom look and feel, it’s easy to create that, too. (Just think how much grandma would love a calendar filled with those first-year photos!)

No matter your style, you’ll enjoy the heirloom quality of Motif’s products. It’s exactly what your little one deserves.

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