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7 Easy Newborn Photography Ideas

Newborn baby boy sleeping next to teddy bear | Motif

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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Whether baby has just arrived or you’re anxiously counting down the days until your due date, now’s the time to make plans for newborn photography. Your baby’s first few weeks will pass by all too quickly, and those adorable sleepy shots—where baby is curled up with legs tucked up underneath, hands sweetly folded beneath the chin—are only possible during the first two weeks. After that, your little one will start getting a little too active!

A sleepy, just-fed baby makes the best portrait subject. Try these seven newborn photography ideas to capture special moments.

1. The first day in the hospital

Don’t get hung up on how you look after 12-plus hours of labor. Any look of exhaustion will be overpowered by the joy you experience holding your newborn. Capture these moments in photos! Be sure to document not only your first moments together but also those of baby and dad, baby and grandparents, etc.

2. Big brother/big sister shots

If this is your second or third child, be sure to photograph the siblings’ first introduction. What’s sweeter than a big brother or sister gazing down at a tightly swaddled sibling? Meeting the new baby is likely to be one of your oldest child’s earliest memories, and it only makes sense to capture it with your camera.

A mother letting her young daughter hold her little sibling | Motif

3. Breastfeeding and other bonding moments

You’ll be spending a lot of your time rocking and feeding your baby. These quiet moments are precious and priceless—and also make for exquisite mother/baby portraits. Enlist a photographer who’s willing to take lots and lots of photos as you go about your business. While you feed and rock your little one, ignore the camera and the photographer so these images truly provide a peek into your one-on-one interactions.

4. Moments shared with daddy

Get pictures of Daddy bonding with your newborn during a bottle feeding or skin-to-skin contact. It’s also never too early to start reading to your baby—snap a quick pic of Dad reading your newborn a treasured childhood classic such as Love You Forever or Goodnight Moon.

A father spending time with his newborn | Motif

5. Don’t miss the delicate details

Ten tiny toes, 10 tiny fingers, two tiny ears, and a button nose—your baby will grow quickly, but you can preserve the memory of your adorable newborn through photography. It’s easy to grab a few close-ups of feet and hands while you take full-body shots.

Holding your newborn’s feet | Motif

6. Swaddle up for fun with baskets and bowls

Did the stork bring you your baby? Celebrate the arrival by tightly swaddling your little one in a cotton blankie for a quick photo shoot in a basket, bowl, or another container. Be creative: Perhaps baby’s in an Easter basket, or a Christmas gift basket, or a pumpkin container, or…

Swaddling your newborn in a basket | Motif

7. Try other props on for size

Your newborn will be one of your most cooperative photo subjects ever. Now’s the time to experiment with fun props. Say dad’s heavily into baseball, why not curl baby up with a catcher’s mitt? Or snuggle baby with your childhood teddy bear. Have fun and be creative before baby gets too squirmy.

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