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5 Unique Ideas for Baby Photo Announcements

Create a unique birth announcement with Motif

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When you have a baby, it’s only natural to share the good news with the world—and what better way than a baby announcement photo card? Customizable cards are an adorable way to share your exciting personal news with everyone on your contact list. Every baby deserves a celebration. And since every baby is unique, shouldn’t their announcement also stand out from the crowd?

Congratulations! And here are five unique baby announcement photo ideas for your little bundle of joy!

1. Use color selectively

Many baby announcements incorporate varying degrees of pastels throughout. Those pastels are beautiful and certainly say baby, but diverging from those pale shades is an easy way to try something different.

Instead of opting for light blue, pale pink, or mint, pick a bolder shade of your hue. Alternately, consider going black and white with just touches of color throughout. Black-and-white photos illuminate that perfect baby skin in a beautiful way. You could go with black-and-white while selectively incorporating color photo elements like a floral headband or sweet hand-knit booties. The absence of color can be striking.

2. Select your card theme strategically

One of the great things about creating your baby photo announcement through Motif is the ability to design your card in just minutes. Motif has an array of professionally designed templates and themes that naturally lend themselves to a baby announcement and plenty that take an edgy, romantic, whimsical, or classic approach.

When you select your card design, you’ll be able to preview your announcement photo(s) in each template. Think outside the box and choose a theme that complements your photos and your suits your vision.

3. Use relevant props as part of your photos

Using props is an easy way to tie your theme with your images. For example, if you’ve pre-selected a border with hand-drawn rockets, plan your photos accordingly. Maybe your baby’s outfit has a rocket on it, or you could take it a step further and find a baby astronaut outfit.

If you’re going with jungle animals, add a stuffed animal or two. Those little animals will complement your theme while providing scale to your baby’s size.

You could bring in flowers, tutus, or that beautiful quilt your grandmother made for your little one. All of these elements make the photos you include in your announcement different from anyone else’s.

4. Theme your card as a whole

One quick way to set your baby announcement apart from the others? Be creative!

When it comes to babies, pretty much everything is adorable. So place them in outfits and scenes that bring personality into the photo in different ways.

Maybe your new little princess is resting in a carefully drawn chalk castle, sleeping sweetly while holding a magic wand.

Your handsome little man gets outfitted in a baby superhero outfit, posed to look as though he’s flying through a cardboard city skyline.

Think beyond traditional layouts and colors and carry your concept throughout the card.

5. Come up with baby announcement photo ideas that incorporate a game

Photo announcement card templates involve photos, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the photo space for a traditional photo. Anything you design and save as a photo format (jpg, png, etc.) can apply. So get creative!

Include a “decode the baby’s name” game using either a cipher or simple word search. Consider a crossword with clues. The options are endless and sure to make your announcement memorable and a true celebration of your wonderful news!

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