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5 Reasons it’s Better to Create a Card Than to Buy One

Custom cards on top of a table next to a cup of coffee | Motif

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5. Customized photo cards fit the occasion perfectly.

There are specialty stores dedicated to just gifts and greeting cards. And then there’s that aisle at the grocery store, Target, or the pharmacy. And for good reason: we love celebrating life’s special occasions!

We can’t think of a bad reason to give a card, but why try finding one on the shelf when you can create a card yourself and customize it for the moment?

Maybe you’re celebrating twin birthdays—when’s the last time you found an off-the-rack card? Or have you spent hours looking for a holiday greeting that will warm the hearts of all your friends and family?

Pre-made cards don’t always fit our special occasions just right. When you make your own, it fits the moment—whatever its quirks.

4. It’s friendly on your wallet.

Cards can be surprisingly expensive—and let’s be honest—who keeps them?

Why hand over $6 for a greeting that won’t be saved when you can print your own custom version for less? And, not to say, send a lasting memento that ends up on the fridge or mantelpiece.

3. You can make a card without leaving the house.

You can create custom cards without leaving your couch, saving time and you from frustration. It doesn’t get much easier. And you can either dropship your cards directly from Motif or deliver them to your doorstep and send them out yourself, from the cozy comfort of your home.

2. Print as many or as few as you need.

There are plenty of occasions where you only need a single card, but when it comes to holidays, birth announcements, wedding thank you cards, invitations, save the dates, and birthday invitations odds are, you need a specific count. Get the exact number that you need without paying for extras when you need just one or two more than a prefabricated set.

1. Make your card “a keeper.”

When you create a card on your own—personalize it, choose the perfect design and layout, and add the perfect photo(s) to a customized message—you’re making a keepsake. Motif helps you craft a card that represents you, exactly how you want, in minutes, and your recipient will receive a treasure printed on high-quality paper with lasting ink that brings your memories and message to life.

A card shouldn’t be “just a card.” It can be a beautiful piece of art that displays and shares your favorite moments.

Motif makes it possible to create these lasting keepsakes in minutes. From your Photos on macOS, you can send a single photo or multiple images to Motif.

You’ll then have the option to choose from professionally designed layouts that showcase your photos in the perfect setting for your unique occasion. Motif will organize your layout and allows you to customize your text to write the perfect message, making it truly your own. Once you submit your card design, sit back, relax, and wait for your art to arrive at your door.