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5 Ideas for Personalized Father’s Day Cards

A custom “Happy Father’s Day” card by Motif | Motif

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! Make sure you’re set to celebrate the dads in your life with the perfect custom greeting. With Motif, creating a one-of-a-kind photo card takes just minutes, pairing your photos with professionally designed layouts for a standout presentation. Take your vision to reality in time with these five ideas for the perfect personalized Father’s Day card.

1. Capture who he is

Everyone loves photos of their loved ones, so a picture of your children on a card will undoubtedly spark joy. But too often, we either include the kids or a family photo and in doing so, don’t necessarily shine the light on the “honoree.” One great way to make this year’s personalized Father’s Day card stand out is to create a card that spotlights dad in his element.

No, that doesn’t necessarily mean gifting him a high-quality card with his favorite headshot on it (although, if that’s his thing, why not?)—it does mean including images he’s a part of. Take time to capture some candid shots of him with the kids. Get the ordinary moments like him helping them with homework or playing video games. Snap a few of him in action, playing catch or wrestling with your kids. The options are endless and those candid shots are so often the most accurate, beautiful moments that comprise fatherhood.

2. Get photos done just for him

Honor dad with a surprise photo shoot so you can include images he’s never before seen. You can take them yourself or enlist the help of a professional. Work in plenty of beautiful poses that capture those sweet faces in beautiful clarity and lighting. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate props. Things like those cool “D,” “A,” and “D” letters from the local craft shop. Fun hats. Sporting equipment for the sports fan.

3. Create personalized recreation “mini-me” photos

Have your kids recreate things their dad does. You could pose them with an (unlit) grill, flipping pretend burgers. Set them up on the bathroom counter with a pretend razor and lather their chins with shaving cream. Borrow a dress shirt and tie to create a little executive series. The options are endless and bound to create memorable photos he’ll love and cherish for years to come.

4. Capture your kid’s creation

One of the great things about personalized photo cards is that they can showcase any kind of image you like. Many of the Motif layouts incorporate multiple photos, giving you lots of ways to layer colors, textures, and even image types. While you could use the multiple photo spaces to showcase individual children, you could also allocate them to a child/children-created message or work of art.

There are lots of handprint art pieces that always bring a smile as well as capture those sweet little hands. You can put your burgeoning artist to work on a portrait of their dad. Let them create a message to dad and illustrate it. You can always gift the original work as well, but the photo card is an easy keepsake that, since it’s printed on our high-quality papers with lasting inks, will stand the test of time (and easily fit in a keepsake box).

Have your little one create a message to dad and illustrate it.

5. Include a memory

Whether you’re creating a personalized photo card for your child’s father, your own father, or a stepparent, you’re bound to have a few favorite memories. Motif photo cards allow you to create your own messages (and personalize the font and font color) so you can truly make each card unique. Use the message space to share your own favorite memory of that dad in your life or, if you’re creating the card to your child’s dad, have them share their memory.

If you can pair that specific memory to a photo of the occurrence, all the better, but the memory itself is a gift and can match any beautiful photo of you with your dad and/or the child with the their father.

Create your personalized Father’s Day card

The idea of creating a personalized Father’s Day card seem daunting at first, but Motif makes it easy. If you haven’t already, download the Motif app. The app works seamlessly with Photos for macOS so you can get started without any time for uploads or sorting through photos. Just click the folder you want to consider and select the Create Photo Card option.

From there, it’s all fun: Play with themes and layout options, select your colors and add your custom text. You can create a fully personalized Father’s Day card in just minutes or even have Motif’s intelligent software create it for you. Either way, you can have a beautiful, high-quality, fully customized card that puts to paper everything you want to say and show this Father’s Day.

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