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3 Ways to Use Photos as Bridal Party Gifts

A Thank You Card with the bridal party on it and other gifts | Motif

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Everyone in your bridal party is special to you in some unique way. You’ve met at different points on your life journey—your sister, your friend since kindergarten, that amazing soul friend you met on a hike last year, your spouse’s best pal. 

For each person, there’s a different reason you wanted them by your side on your special day. Wouldn’t it be great to give each one a gift that recognizes what your friendship means to you both? Try some of these ideas as inspiration for bridal party gifts.

Thanks for the Memories: Custom Calendars

Maybe you have a friend with whom you have a long history: all the seasons of your life up to this point include them. Telling a story of your friendship in a series of photos on a calendar, with snaps showing you together at many different times of the year, could be a wonderful daily reminder your friend can enjoy for the year after your wedding.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a long time of planning your wedding ahead of you, what about making a single custom calendar design and gifting it to your whole party a year in advance? The photos can help introduce different members of your squad to each other, if you’ve met them in many different places your life has taken you over the years.

People love to learn about various slices of your life and the friends who mean so much to you. Photos of every member, interacting with you, can help build those bonds across a long distance. Having a single planning calendar to make note of important dates leading up to The Big Day is a convenient way to help everyone stay organized, with a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

Creating a custom calendar for a bridal party gift | Motif

Who Wrote the Book of Love: Personalized Photo Books

For a keepsake and a bridal party gift that will last, a custom photo book is a perfect choice. You can assemble images of your friendship, the wedding preparation, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the big day, or anything especially meaningful to your group with Motif’s macOS photo book app, the only limit is your imagination! 

It’s quick, easy, and wallet-friendly to create the book, so you can put your energies into choosing the shots that mean the most to you. Think about a book for each person, a book for one event like the rehearsal dinner and stag/doe parties, or a single story of the whole gathering.

Before, During, and After Your Wedding Day: Say Thank You with Great Photos

A little thinking ahead can help you gradually use moments of inspiration in assembling your photos and planning the thank-you gifts for your bridal party and groomsmen. It doesn’t have to be a big task you tackle all at once. Let your mind wander a bit and think about collecting many special moments over time. Keep a folder in Photos, and the pictures will be all set to import into Motif when you’re ready to design your custom photo creation and a bridal party photo book.

Before there is a wedding: think about your favorite photos of this person or your relationship with them over time. A Halloween costume when you were both eight-years-old or a special trip to Europe after graduation could both evoke wonderful memories of what she’s meant in your life so far.

Before the wedding day: shopping, planning, and so many parties. All of the events leading up to the big day are special and worth taking a moment to document with your phone camera. Capture some of the laughter, all the new discoveries, and great times with your friends.

During the day: take advantage of the fact that your loved ones are dressed up and looking fabulous, and get lots of pictures of them at their polished, joyful best. Ask your wedding photographer to get pictures of bridesmaids and groomsmen not only with you, but with their own significant others, children, and groups where they would like a memory. It’s extra considerate to offer them a posed and styled photo they might not have had a chance to get for themselves. A lovely memory tied to a beautiful day will always make a welcome gift.

After the wedding: after the day, there are moments winding down, cleaning and packing up, and even in some cases a big family brunch the next day. All this gradual return to reality can also bring special memories you’ll want to keep and share with your loved ones. Keep your camera around or designate someone to be the shutterbug for candid photos you’ll value for years to come.

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